Can we treat Pilonidal Sinus without surgery?

If you have been diagnosed with pilonidal sinus, you are probably wondering if it is treatable without surgery. Though surgery can be intimidating, some conditions require surgery for a complete cure. There are a number of options for treating pilonidal sinus, but before we decide if a non-surgical method is one of them, let us look into what pilonidal sinus is. 

What Is Pilonidal Sinus?

Pilonidal Sinus is a cyst that is formed on the butt cheeks. It can be filled with air or fluid. It is a common problem caused by a skin infection that arises when your hair starts depositing in your skin. You will usually find them between the cleft, on the top of your buttocks. 

While it might not be life-threatening, it is however annoying and painful. When the cysts become infected, it becomes a cluster of pus that leads to abscesses and sinus cavities. Pilonidal sinus is found more in men than women and occurs in people whose working conditions involve long hours of sitting. People with obesity are also prone to pilonidal sinus. It is a non-contagious skin condition. The symptoms include pain that worsens when you are sitting, swollen or red area on your buttocks, pus or blood draining from the cysts, etc.

When one is diagnosed with pilonidal sinus, the doctor recommends the treatment based on how bad the condition is. According to the patient’s condition, the treatment method also differs, some of which are non-surgical.

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Without Surgery

Surgery is the most effective treatment suggested to a person suffering from pilonidal sinus. However, other options like applying a hot or wet compress on the cyst can alleviate discomfort and pain. Over-the-counter medications and sitting on warm water can also ease this condition to an extent. The most popular treatments used for pilonidal cysts are:

  1. Antibiotics, during the early stages.
  2. Lancing, where the doctor cuts open the abscess using a scalpel and cleanse any hair, pus, or blood from the abscess.
  3. Phenol injection, where the patient will be given a chemical antiseptic. This, however, needs to be repeated, so doctors prefer surgery over this procedure.

But none of these procedures is as efficient as surgery. There are high chances for the cysts to come back and in cases of multiple or recurring sinuses, the doctor will recommend surgery. Pilonidal sinuses are filled with hair and pus. They cannot be removed entirely with home remedies and other procedures. Popping them might worsen the problem as it can cause more irritation. It also increases the chances of infection and might even leave a scar. In short, pilonidal sinus treatment without surgery is only recommended during the early stages. It is best advised to consult a doctor and decide on further treatment.

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