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Regardless of whether you are with Smiles Gastroenterology as a visitor or a patient, we are committed to offering a positive experience that encompasses health, comfort, and safety. We have developed some Patient Guidelines for better patient care. Smiles expects patients to abide by these rules.

Similarly, we have developed visiting hours and rules for visitors to ascertain the care of our patients remains undisrupted.

How do I schedule a medical appointment with a specialist at SMILES?

You can talk to our customer care specialist directly on 8099008800 (24*7)

When making a medical appointment what information should I provide?

“We would require the following
1. Patient Name
2. Age
3. Consultant whom he would like to meet
4. Location (Mathikere/HSR/Queen’s Road/Devenahalli)
5. Preferred Date & Time”

This is my first visit. Where should I approach for a new appointment/registration?

You can walk in to our reception and the front office executive would guide you to meet the doctor by completing the registration process

I have already taken an appointment via Phone/Online, where should I report?

Having taken an appointment, you can report to the Front Desk on the 4th Floor. Due to Covid conditions, there would be screening done at the Ground floor front desk.

If I am a Foreign National is there any separate registration formality?

There is no separate registration formality for a Foreign National.

If I am a Company paid / credit patient, where should I submit my papers on my arrival?

Being a company paid, one can submit the papers with the front office executive, and they would share and follow up with the company for the reimbursement.

Where can I get documentation done for medical reimbursement?

We have a medical reimbursement team known as Medi Assist. They will take care of your claims and documentation processing.

Should I fill in separate registration forms for each department/specialist that I choose to consult?

We have a common form that can be filled for all department and all secialist for you to consult.

Is there credit/debit card payment facility available? Also, do you accept foreign currency?

We accept all credit/debit cards. Foreign currency accepted.

What should I do after paying the registration fees?

The registration does not consider any payments. You need to wait for your call on consultation. Only after consultation, you be paying the fees.

If I am admitted to the hospital can a relative stay with me in the hospital during the night?

Yes. We have the provision for an attender or a relative to stay with the patient during the night.

The doctor has asked me to see a doctor in another department. How should I proceed?

If the patient is referred to another department our patient care manager will check with the availability of the doctor and help them fix an appointment at their convenience.

How can I get various investigations/diagnostics tests done?

“We have 24*7 laboratory services, which would help the patients get the investigations done. We have impaneled with Diagnostics centers for getting the necessary Scans done.”

What are the formalities and will I get a copy of all my investigation reports?

Yes. You will get a copy of the blood investigation report in 24 hours time, and the histopathology reports in 7 – 10 days.

How can I get a medical report?

Yes. We will give a medical report based on the requirement.

Will there be a requirement of providing advance at the time of admission?

Yes. A minimal amount of advance would be required to deposit at the time of admission.

How can my relative/family reach me over phone if I am admitted in the hospital?

You are allowed to carry your mobile phones and laptops. However, if you have not carried then we would do the necessary arrangements to connect with your family/relative.

I am visiting a friend, but I do not know which ward he is admitted to. What do I do?

Our Front office executive will help you to reach your friend.

I am driving to the hospital. Does the hospital provide parking facilities?

No. we do not have a parking facility. But there are many by-lanes near our hospital where the vehicle can be parked safely.

Are visitors permitted?

Due to covid conditions, the visitor access is restricted. Only one visitor is allowed per patient.

The doctor has asked me to visit him again. What should I do next?

You can reach our customer support desk at +91 8099008800 to book an appointment at your convenience.

The doctor has asked me to visit him again. What should I do next?

You can reach our customer support desk at +91 8099008800 to book an appointment at your convenience.

Can you explain briefly about video rectoscopy procedure?

It is an internal examination of the anus and lower part of the rectum. The examination is performed using a proctoscope. A plastic or metal tube with a tube light on it by inserting it via the anal canal.

Can I re-imburse the amount of first OPD consultation in our cash less procedure?

Yes. You can reimburse the first OPD consultation in the cash-less procedure.

Is only the first followup free and how much do we need to pay for followup consultation?

Yes, the first follow-up is free (within 7 days). The consecutive follow up are charged Rs. 500/- only.

In Emergency Case,can we have a phone conversation with doctor through WhatsApp?

Yes. Our doctors are available over WhatsApp 24*7.

Where do we get all the medicines prescribed by doctor?

“The medicines prescribed by our doctors will be available only at S Smiles Pharma which is opposite to the hospital.
If required in an emergency, you can contact the pharmacy and get it delivered by courier service or Dunzo, if in local.”

Could be any discount given for senior citizens?

Discounts are given to all understanding the economical conditions of the patients.

How many Followups will be done usually after surgery?

Maximum of 3 follow-ups (after 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days) is required post-surgery.

Regarding usual diet whom do we need to concern apart from doctor?

“Post-surgery the patient is provided with a diet chart to be followed based on the days of surgery. We also have a customized patient care app (Day To Day) in which the updates are automated as per requirement.”

Do you accept American Express card to pay our consultation charges?

No. We do not accept American Express card.

Will you accept the UPI payment option ?

We accept all types of UPI payments.

Why Do I Need A Second Opinion?

If you were not satisfied with the consultation done at the other hospital or clinic; or want to understand if your genuinely have the trouble as explained by any other surgeon, you can come to us for a second opinion.

How Do I Get A Free Second Opinion?

You are eligible for a free second opinion if you carry the consultation sheet and reports along with you when you are here to meet our doctor.

How Long Will I Have To Wait For A Second Opinion?

The waiting time depends on the appointment schedule and the queue of patients.

Even After Having Insurance I Want To Know The Charges Of Surgery?

Yes, we would share the charges of surgery irrespective of whether the patient is insured or non-insured.

Is It Laser Only I Want To See The Machine Before My Surgery?

Yes, it is Laser only. We have the latest technology of infrastructure with us – The 4th Generations Laser Machine (3 in number). We are the first to own the same.

Can I Expect Little More Discounts On The Price U Explained Us?

Our patient care manager will help you on the discount required.

I Will Talk To Dr. Parameshwara Regarding Discounts On Package?

Our clinical team does not involve in discounts and financials. The patient care managers are the only point of contact for the same.

I Will Talk To Dr. Parameshwara Regarding Discounts On Package?

Our clinical team does not involve in discounts and financials. The patient care managers are the only point of contact for the same.

When Can I Travel After Surgery?

“The patient can fly immediately post-surgery after 6 hours of surgery (if the patient feels comfortable).
Long-distance by road or train can travel after 4 days.”

Is Follow Up Mandatory After The Surgery?

1 or 2 depending on the condition of the patient.

Will I Get This Back After Surgery?

No. We have the lowest recurrence of surgeries recorded to date.

What The Pain Level After The Surgery?

The pain would be bearable.

My Pregnancy Plan Will Not Cause Any Problem Due To Laser Surgery?

No, there will not be any problem due to laser surgery during the pregnancy plan.

I Don’t Have Any Insurance At All So Can I Get Some More Discounts On It?

It is not mandatory to have an insurance. We have EMI options available from Bajaj to make you comfortable with payment. We also help with discounts.

Can I Take This During My Periods, Any Discomfort Then?

It is advisable to take it after 3 days of periods.

What The Pain Level After The Surgery?

The pain would be bearable.

Trus Scan, No Other Place To Get The Scan Done As We Have Got Appointment After A Week?

We get the best and genuine reports of the TRUS/EAUS Scan for fistula At Hopkins centre located at Queen’s road done by Dr. Shankar.

Patients' Food Is Not Provided?

As it is a daycare procedure, we provide a fruit bowl for the patient post-surgery.

Can I Have a Lady Surgeon Inside Operation Theater?

Yes. Lady surgeon is available inside the operation theatre.

No Surgical Procedure Apart From Laser?

Yes, we do only Laser procedures. For General surgeries, depending on the diagnosis surgical procedure can also be considered.

My Stool Is Hard Can You Please Suggest Me Some Syrup For Time Being?

Please come and meet our doctors, who could suggest or guide you with the right medications.

Insurance Cost Is Less Compared To Non Insurance Which You Counselled Us?

Insurance companies have pre-defined packages for surgeries. However the claims would be raised as per the actual surgery rates, the difference of amount would be payable by the patient.

Can I Take a Bath After The Surgery Next Day?

Yes. You can take bath after the surgery.

I Saw A Lump Kind And I Didn't Sleep The Whole Night What Is That?

Please book an appointment by calling us at 8099008800 and meet our doctors. They would be able to guide you.

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