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The term “medical tourism” referred to the tour taken by patients from third-world countries to developed countries to receive medical treatments that were not available in their country. However, the tables have turned today. Today, we are experiencing qualitative, as well as quantitative shifts in terms of patient mobility as more and more people, travel from developed countries to less-developed countries to access healthcare services. Thanks to the availability of inexpensive flights, relatively low-cost treatments, and extensive online information about the availability of quality medical services.

If you are wondering as to what the word “tourism” has to do in this medical tourism concept, it is because these people (medical tourists) stay for a few days in the foreign land after the medical treatment procedure. Hence, they can take advantage of this visit by taking day trips, going sightseeing, exploring new destinations, and participating in some sort of traditional tourism activities, thereby making their travel more complete and meaningful.









Medical Tourism in India

It’s true that India is one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism. India possesses a thriving medical tourism industry that provides superior healthcare with its cutting-edge technology. Patients can save anywhere between 60% and 90% of the treatment cost compared to the United States. With efficiently organized hospitals and streamlined processes, zero waiting time, and seasoned medical practitioners, the medical tourism industry of India is witnessing a quantum jump.

In fact, India has more than 500+ accredited healthcare service providers. India largely attracts patients from the US, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East.

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What makes India an ideal medical tourism destination?

There are estimates that indicate over 500,000 foreign patients choose India for their medical treatment, drawn primarily to the state of the art high-end infrastructure of the popular multispecialty corporate hospitals in India. Besides, to facilitate effective international patient care service, the Government of India has enabled visa-on-arrival for travelers from specific nations, letting them to stay here in India for up to 30 days to receive treatment.

Are there any Specific Reason for Medical Tourism?

While there are a number of reasons why people travel abroad for medical treatment, the most common reasons are:

  • ● Not satisfied with medical treatment at their place.
  • ● No access to quality healthcare at affordable cost nearby.
  • ● Insufficient insurance and earnings to afford local healthcare.
  • ● Exponential rise of superior-quality medical care in less-developed countries.
  • ● Inexpensive international flights.
  • ● No wait-list.
  • ● Low cost access to latest technology and expertise.
  • ● Desire to obtain medical services away from their common environment (for some reason).

Why Choose SMILES for Medical Tourism?

Smiles gatroenterology is a reputed and trusted medical tourism facilitator that offers a range of comprehensive services including:

  • ● 24×7 support and guidance
  • ● Customized treatment packages
  • ● Doctor appointments
  • ● Hassle-free in-patient admissions
  • ● Arranging post treatment follow-ups
  • ● Remote consultations
  • ● Accurate money exchange
  • ● Payment options and assistance
  • ● Clean and safe accommodation based on the patient’s budget
  • ● Provision for local SIM cards
  • ● Assistance to receive medical VISA letter
  • ● Guidance for transportation within the country
  • ● Well-qualified and experienced interpreters
  • ● Appeasing Tourist Packages
  • ● Travel assistance
  • ● Airport pickup and drop
  • ● Local guide
  • ● Assistance in local tourism
  • ● Food and diet guide
  • ● Religious assistance
  • ● Dedicated prayer places for all religions
  • ● Medical visa assistance

The Cost Factor

Low treatment cost is obviously the key factor encouraging many foreigners to visit the country for medical assistance. While the treatment cost is very much affordable, patients can rest assured that the quality of treatment is not compromised. Also, the travel and accommodation is taken care of in the best possible manner and they happen to get luxury accommodation for less money.

Simple and Streamlined VISA processes

Most countries in the world follow elaborate processes to provide a visa; however, it’s not so in India and the country is constantly working on making the process much more efficient and streamlined, allowing more medical tourists from foreign countries to enter the country.

Industry Experts

Despite being a developing country, many reputed hospitals in India provide world-class and standardized medical treatment and care using the latest technology. India is flooded with doctors and specialists providing top-notch medical treatments. They use innovative and latest techniques to increase the recovery rate of patients, ultimately achieving the finesse for every single medical treatment offered. Moreover, during the recovery period, there is a myriad of alternate therapies patients can consider such as Ayurveda, Reiki, Yoga, and Naturopathy.

Sophisticated Technology and Infrastructure

India has made huge investments in high-end equipment to enable cutting-edge technology to ensure world-class quality and safety for every medical treatment. Hence, foreigners can stay assured that they are bound to receive only the best-in-class medical care and treatment in India.

Communication Made Easy

Yet another major factor that makes India a sought-after destination for medical tourism is the fact that it has doctors and other medical professionals who can speak fluent English, thereby reducing the language barrier that most foreign tourists fear when traveling to other countries.


Indians are highly hospitable in nature. The hospitality given to a medical tourist and his/her family (or accomplices) from doctors, nurses, specialists, hospital staff and every other person involved in their stay is just incredible. Much care is taken to ensure the prospective health tourist receives complete clean and safe accommodation along with complete care and protection. While in India, every step is taken to make the foreigners feel at home. In fact, medical tour facilitators even arrange suitable dedicated prayer places for people of all religions.

Enjoy Local Tours

India is a diverse country known for its rich culture and heritage. There are so many places to go sightseeing, explore and wonder! Patients can travel to nearby tourist attractions and relax after pursuing their medical treatment. It is a great way to relax and reset after receiving some great medical care and treatment.

Comprehensive Range of Medical Services

Healthcare facilities in India offer patients with a plethora of services starting from initial consultation to accommodation and local travel. This ascertains the patient relaxes and focuses on their medical treatment when in India.

Well, official records show that the medical tourism industry of India is growing at an unbelievable pace. It’s projected to have nearly 20% of the entire medical tourism market share with a booming 9 billion dollars! So, there’s no slightest of doubt that medical tourism in India has been doing exceptionally well. Skilled doctors, advanced facilities, and low-cost treatment make India a perfect destination for medical tourists.

SMILES takes this opportunity forward counting upon our experience, expertise, association with a team of expert doctors who are well known in their respective specializations and our state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities to turn SMILES into a hub of treatments for colorectal disorders namely Piles, Constipation, IBS, IBD, Fissure, Fistula, Rectal Prolapse, Pilonidal Rectal Prolapse, and Digestive Diseases.

At SMILES, our focus is on providing overseas patients quality health care while ensuring smooth and hassle-free processes. As a result, each international patient who comes to India with colo-rectal disorders goes back to home happy and healthy.

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