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Home Consultation

Home Home Consultation

Home Consultation


Smiles’ Home Consultation offers you the benefit of superior medical service right at your home. You can avail expert medical care without stepping out of your house and that’s such a blessing in these days of urgency and uncertainty.

Why Choose Smiles Home Consultation?

  • ● Personalized medical consultation, examination and treatment protocol at the comfort of your home
  • ● Expert medical assistance
  • ● Online consultations whenever required

Well, one of the key benefits of the home consultation is the accessibility of specialist doctors during an emergency and the most inconvenient times.

How Home Consultation Works?

You would have heard of the Jewelers sending an entire jewelry team with a mini jewelry shop setup with all the exclusive designs to the house of the famous and the affluent. Home Consultation works in a similar fashion – we do a clinical setup at home for a consultation and clinical examination.

Who benefits from Home Consultation?

Generally, VIPs and VVIPs feel hesitant to come to hospitals primarily due to the stigma attached to treating colorectal problems like piles and fistula. Smiles Hospital serves such patients with our exclusive Home Consultation service. We charge a premium fee of Rs. 10,000/- for a single home consultation anywhere in Bangalore City.

Our team of medical experts ensures we perform accurate and efficient home consultations using a number of sterile products in sterile conditions with an assistant in place. We establish a complete clinical setting to examine and diagnose any issues. 85% of colorectal problems do not need hospitalization and surgery and can be cured by medicines. Hence, the patient can trust in us to get any of their gastrointestinal problem cured using our exclusive Home Consultation service.

We generally start with a consultation and proceed with examinations if required. Follow-ups usually happen via online consultations – WhatsApp video chat or any other suitable video conferencing app.


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