Laser Treatment to Cure Pilonidal Sinus


The air is filled with chatter and the sound of typing. You are glued to your system throughout the day. With work taking up the most part of your day, you only get up from your chair for lunch and pee breaks. Even though you get all your work done faster when you don’t take many breaks, it isn’t a good practice to sit continuously at your desk. Sitting for a long period of time can result in chronic medical conditions such as pilonidal sinus. The pain, discomfort and foul odour aren’t worth the time you save by working without breaks. So, what is this disease and how do you stay clear of it?


Pilonidal sinus is a chronic skin infection at the tailbone, usually on the split of the buttocks. This minute hole on the surface of the skin is filled with pus or fluid that leads to form an abscess or a cyst. It can cause extreme pain and is prone to infection. This medical condition more often affects men than women. However, women must stay cautious as well.


While prolonged sitting is one of the causes of pilonidal sinus, other factors could also cause it. The other causes are hormonal changes and hair growth in the area. It is observed that people between the ages of 20 to 30, people who are obese and have desk jobs/long sitting jobs, people with excessive body hair or coarse hair are at a higher risk. The symptoms range from a swollen cyst to a foul odour. If you notice any of the symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.


There are various pilonidal sinus treatments without surgery, but most of them are not as effective when compared to surgeries and often need repeated visits to the doctor. Surgery is the best treatment recommended by expert doctors, but the drawback is that it takes the wound a minimum of 3 months to heal completely. But there is no need to wait that long for your wound to heal any more, thanks to the highly effective laser treatment.


In this method, a laser probe is used to treat the pilonidal sinus. The infected area is cleaned, and the infected tissue is removed. Then with the help of the laser probe, the walls of the tunnel are burnt. This procedure is painless and is effective to stop any internal infection. The laser treatment offers various benefits like:


  • No stitches and scars
  • No blood loss
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimal recurrence rate


With surgery, though the treatment is effective, you may take a few months to fully recover and get back to your active life. However, with laser treatment, you can get back to your normal routine in a few days. If you or a loved one is suffering from Pilonidal Sinus, talk to a doctor about laser treatment quickly. If you delay getting the treatment, you risk an internal infection, excessive pain, sinus cavities and an impact on your quality of life. There are top pilonidal sinus doctors in Bangalore and other major cities. If you are looking for the best pilonidal sinus doctor in Bangalore, contact SMILES Gastroenterology today and book an appointment. We have an expert team of doctors with many years of experience. We offer the latest laser treatment for pilonidal sinus, state-of-the-art equipment, transparent care, post-surgery care and more.