Best Doctor For Piles Treatment in Bangalore

Piles is a common medical condition that can cause painful and uncomfortable symptoms. Fear of judgement may stop you from seeking help. But finding a specialist who you can be open with is essential. There are many hospitals in Bangalore which specialise in gastroenterology. However, if you are worried about which hospital to seek piles treatment from, worry not. Smiles Hospital at Mathikere has well-experienced physicians with a high success rates in piles treatment.

Haemerroids or piles are twisted and swollen veins that develop either in the rectum (internal hemerrhoids) or under the skin (external hemerrhoids) around the anus (just like varicose veins). Blood vessels in the rectum or under the skin around the anus twist around each other, leading to blood clotting and swelling. These swollen blood vessels manifest as painful and uncomfortable symptoms that we identify as piles.

Piles is a very common medical condition in adults. Recently, it has been observed that at least three in four adults suffer from piles at some point in their lifetime. With the western culture booming and fast food becoming a trend, piles has become more common than before. Though there are lesser chances of it developing all of a sudden, below are a few conditions that lead to piles over a period of time: Straining to push stool out

  1. Sitting in the toilet for a long time
  2. Lifting heavy weights
  3. Suffering from diarrhoea or constipation for a very long time
  4. Being obese
  5. Not including enough fibre in the diet

If some of the aforementioned points seem familiar to you, then we encourage you to visit Smiles Hospital and get treated now.


Symptoms vary depending on your condition—internal or external hemorrhoid. Some common symptoms that can explain an underlying cause are discussed below.

External hemorrhoids:

External hemorrhoids result when the vessels under the skin of your anus twist around each other and swell. Common symptoms that can be observed with this condition are:

Significant swelling around your anus

Pain or discomfort while using the toilet

Irritation or itching in and around your anal region


Internal hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids result when the vessels in the rectum become swollen. These may not always cause significant symptoms, but if you put too much pressure to push while using the toilet, it can lead to:

Bleeding that is not accompanied by any pain. For example, you may only notice blood spots on your toilet paper.

Protruding or prolapsed hemorrhoid that pushes through the anal opening. This may result in pain and irritation.

Treating hemorrhoids at the first notice of symptoms is advised to avoid more severe complications. When left untreated for a long time, hemorrhoids can progress to thrombosed hemorrhoids, a more severe condition where a hemorrhoid causes blood clots and forms a hard lump.

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Why Smiles Hospital is the Best for You?

Smiles Hospital in Bangalore is the best when it comes to gastroenterology. Established at different locations in the city, our gastroenterology department at Mathikere has numerous feathers in its cap.

We have state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology to simplify treating complex digestive system conditions. We have an unmatched team of multi-disciplinary specialists who work hard to get a smile on your face.

Over the past few years, our gastroenterologists have performed many successful complex surgeries and have earned the trust of many across the country. Our gastroenterologists have a solid educational background with specialisations from top medical colleges around the globe. Our gastroenterologists specialise in treating various conditions of the digestive system like: Piles or hemorrhoids

  1. Constipation
  2. Fistulas
  3. Ulcerative colitis
  4. Diverticulitis
  5. Colon polyps
  6. IBS
  7. Crohn’s disease
  8. Peri-anal abscess
  9. Fissures
  10. Pilonidal Sinus
  11. Cancers of the digestive organs

Dr. Parameshwara is the principal advisor of our gastroenterology department. He has over 22 years of experience. He is a well-reputed gastroenterologist in the country and performs complex procedures with ease. He is adept at cutting-edge technologies and has a very high success rate.

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