Your Pregnancy Should Be About Smiles, Not Piles

As you rub your eyes trying to get rid of the sleep, two faint lines on the home pregnancy test awaken you just as quickly as they appear. Tears of joy replace rest, and your eyes are now full of dreams for your baby. You look at the test again, wondering whether you’ve made a mistake, but there they are: you’re all set to become a mother. While this feeling might take time to sink in, you’ll find that everyone around is now very excited and equally protective: the tiny human you are housing, all of the size of a pea, needs you to be in sound health condition.

Even if it takes time for you to believe that you are pregnant, your body is going to keep reminding you. With several changes taking over your body, it now makes sense why mothers are deemed the bravest in the world. Your whole world revolves around your baby who you haven’t even met yet, a reason of love you feel is one that you’ve never felt before. Your body isn’t just yours anymore; it’s a safe house for your baby for the next nine months to come.

Nine months, three trimesters flood in a host of emotions. What begins as disbelief soon blossoms into excitement and unbound love for the little one that you are now carrying. Along with plans for a beautiful name, the best clothes in the world and a love-filled lullaby, you also have the responsibility of keeping your baby secure in your womb. You try to march past all the suffering because you know that at the end of the nine months, you will deliver a squishy, wailing little bundle of happiness that will wrap you around his or her little finger.

Even though the prayers and hope are all towards having a breezy pregnancy and a healthy delivery, one must understand that during pregnancy, your body goes through so many transformations. At times, the clinical aspects, which need to be in harmony, many go a bit here or there.

Piles: A Pregnancy Nightmare?

Pregnancy prepares you to handle pain. From the numerous invasive tests to the final moments of delivery, the path to motherhood isn’t easy at all. It’s, therefore, no wonder that there are moments of anxiousness that any mother experiences. Now, even though pain is a part of the deal, here’s the thing: you, as a mother are already extraordinary for bringing a beautiful life into this world which entails you to go through a great deal of discomfort. So, if there’s any form of pain that can be taken care of; please do not hesitate in going to a doctor.

One such source of pain and discomfort can be haemorrhoids or piles in pregnancy. While even on any ordinary day, piles can cause trouble, it’s especially true when you are pregnant. Pregnancy and hormonal changes can cause havoc in your digestive system, hardening your stool and making it difficult for you to pass them. This could cause you to become constipated, leading to the development of piles.

Transitioning into the later trimesters in itself can bring a great deal of discomfort, with your baby now snuggling and growing, leaving less room for him or her. In this condition, a visit to the washroom can anyway become quite troublesome. To sit on the pot for long, bearing all that pain and sting is understandably horrible.

With your appetite also going for a toss, you are at the receiving end of disapproving looks and harsh comments from everyone around who say that you need to eat at least for the well-being of your baby. Even though you understand it makes sense, yet, the aftermath of piles prevents you from doing so.

Why Does It Happen?

Your body reacts to pregnancy in a different fashion. Thanks to the spike in several hormones, especially progesterone, your blood vessels relax quite a bit while dealing with increased blood flow. To add to this, your growing uterus isn’t being easy on the blood vessels below, putting pressure on the nerves around the rectum. This causes them to swell, obstructing the passing of stool. If you’ve had piles before, you are likely to get them again during pregnancy.

Making Life Easier

Being a woman, your body is built to sustain the wear and tear of pregnancy. But, to undergo all that pain and still have the grit to give birth is what makes women occupy the highest points of a pedestal. Birthing is a rebirth for the mother, and you have to be prepared mentally of going through the several discomforts of pregnancy before you can cuddle your baby after nine months. Therefore, if you have a condition like piles that could amplify your problems, there are steps you can take to make life easier.

  • ● Eat right. Include lots of greens and fibre in your diet to make your stool easier to pass.
  • ● Drink a lot of water. This doesn’t just help during pregnancy but is also known to be active on piles.
  • ● Take frequent walks and do not resist poop.
  • ● If the situation becomes difficult to handle, it’s best to consult a doctor because hey, in this beautiful journey towards motherhood, you deserve all the best care in the world.

And here are few more home remedies to treat piles during pregnancy. As the soothing cry of your baby fills the labour room, you only focus on being the best version of yourself. Your baby deserves all the love and protection in the world, but so do you. In the arduous nine months of pregnancy, shift a little focus to yourself, too. Once the baby arrives, it’ll be all about first smiles and sneezes. So, pamper yourself, take care of your health and replace the piles with SMILES.