Why HAL-RAR is the best treatment for Piles

ABOUT 50% of us suffer from hemorrhoids during our lifetime.

Piles: the embarrassing illness is really is pain in the ass. Majority fear piles treatment thinking it is painful. But now painless and bloodless procedures are available to cure piles easily.

Old Piles Treatment Procedures

  • Ksarsutra: Tying off the swellings with medicated thread
  • Injections: In the form of sclerotheray
  • Hemorrhoidectomy: cuts around the anus to slice them away

These methods are

  • ● Painful
  • ● Bloodloss
  • ● Possibility of Infections
  • ● Possibility of relapse
  • ● Low success rate
  • ● Prolonged Recovery

New Piles Treatment Procedures

  • ● MIPH/PPH Stapler Surgery
  • ● Laser Treatment
  • ● RFA (radio-frequency ablation)
  • ● IRC

Latest procedures are

  • ● Painless
  • ● Bloodless
  • ● 100% success rate
  • ● Minimally Invasive
  • ● Less than 30 minutes procedure
  • ● Recovery in 24 hours

How HAL-RAR treatment for piles is superior?

HAL-RAR is the most popular, painless and effective hemorrhoids treatment that reduces the risk of piles. Thousands of patients have been treated at SMILES with HAL-RAR procedures. And excellent results achieved in terms of effectiveness, patient-friendliness and safety.

Furthermore, the operation can be tailored at SMILES to suit each individual patient.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and the patient can leave the hospital within 24 hours. You can get back to your normal life in less than a day.

Patient Friendly: No open wounds, No pain and a quick recovery.

Very Safe: Up until now, not one major complication has been reported after the surgery at SMILES.

Minimally Invasive: No more trauma to your body with number of incisions.