What if you do not take treatment to piles?

Never ignore Bleeding Piles

Piles, also called as Haemorrhoids is a terribly annoying disease which can be categorized as a nightmare. The veins get swollen and anus starts bleeding which restricts passing smooth stools, which in turn, causes extreme pain and discomfort.

You might be embarrassed to discuss a health condition like piles and might avoid consulting doctors, but that does not help. If you think that bleeding piles go away on their own, then you are wrong, says – Dr. Parameshwara C M, the best coloproctologist in Bangalore.

Most of the times, people fail to realize that if hemorrhoids or piles are left untreated for long, they could end up with much more serious health conditions.

What happens if you do not take treatment to piles?

There are many possible complications if you do not take treatment for piles at right time. Some of them are listed below:

  • ● Your untreated piles would eventually become large and continue to cause severe pain, swelling, bleeding, and discomfort may get worse.
  • ● If left untreated, piles can lead to anemia (due to chronic blood loss) and fecal incontinence.
  • ● Possibility of blood clots which might require surgery to remove.
  • ● You might think that the bleeding is due to hemorrhoids when it is actually a symptom of colon cancer.
  • ● The itching and discharge around the anal area can lead to the patient having poor hygiene, which further can lead to complications like infections
  • ● Piles during pregnancy can resolve after delivery in about 50% females, but sometimes post delivery piles will worsen the disease and symptoms.
  • ● Surgery will eventually be needed for untreated external hemorrhoids to remove pile mass which protrudes out from anal canal while passing stools.
  • ● Internal lumps can become more severe and painful if left untreated.

It is always a better choice to get treated for piles in the early stages.
If you are currently suffering from piles and are tired of waiting to cure itself, get in touch with our best colo-rectal specialist and find relief today!!.