What foods are best to beat gas and bloating?

There are many of us who resort to home remedies when we know a specific food item has caused this issue. We either avoid or restrict the item for a few months or have super foods that cure you from this trouble than taking over the counter medicines. Let us see what foods are the best to beat gas and bloating

1. Yogurt

Considered as one of the best superfoods to control gas and bloating. You are recommended to have unsweetened or plain homemade yogurt when you suffer from gas or bloating. The lactobacillus, acidophilus, and Bifidus helps in reducing gas and improves your digestion. Consumption of curd daily over the long-run has proved wonders in better digestion.

2. Spinach

Cooked leaves of spinach in the form of vegetable or smoothie can clear your digestive track off that gas trouble! Since it has insoluble fibres, it makes itself dependable to cure us from bloating. Ensure you do not use raw leaves, but only cooked leaves.

3. Watermelon

We all know watermelon consists of more water and fibre making it one of the best summer foods. This potassium-rich fruit when had during gas and bloating flushes out everything from your system making you feel lighter and good.

4. Fennel Seeds

Now we know the thought process of having fennel seeds at every restaurant after you have your fulsome Punjabi or pizza meal. The oils that are present in the fennel seeds helps the system to flush out the gas or prevent it from causing gas. Hence, we see our grandparents chewing on a lot of fennel seeds after every meal.

5. Cucumber

Another soothing food, which contains a lot of Vitamin C and silica. This prevents the body from excess water retention thus avoiding the bloating sensation.

6. Avocado

Indian markets are full with these green little super foods these days. Not only is it rich in Vitamin C, but they are rich in monounsaturated fat which helps in the reduction of gas and bloating. One avocado a day will keep your gas away!

7. Lemon Water:

We all know the innumerable benefits of lemon water. But if you add lemon water to warm water and have it every morning it acts as a natural laxative and clears your digestive system.

After trying these home remedies for bloating and gas also you cannot get out of Bloating.