What are the benefits of Laser Surgery for Piles?

Imagine not being able to perform the simplest of tasks like sit comfortably because of immense pain. If you are someone who has experienced or is experiencing piles, you know exactly what that feeling is. Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, are swollen veins that develop around the anus or inside. Both internal and external piles make it extremely difficult for the individual to go about their life. Even the minutest task becomes hectic and demanding. Expert doctors recommend various treatments depending on your condition. This includes a high fibre diet, drinking plenty of water/fluids, warm baths and cold packs, to name a few. These remedies, however, don’t help get rid of piles completely. They only help to control the pain and other symptoms.

While these home remedies often help reduce the symptoms and provide temporary relief, laser treatment for piles is the best treatment option for curing it permanently. The swollen blood vessels inside and around the anus and rectum will be removed, and you will be pain-free. Compared to the conventional method of surgery, laser treatment for piles offers various benefits. This is why people suffering from piles and top surgeons prefer laser surgery. Continue reading to know the range of benefits of laser surgery for piles.

Less Bleeding: In the conventional surgery method, there is always a chance of excess loss of blood during the process, and it is a matter of concern. But with laser surgery, the blood vessels in the anal region are sealed with a laser. This way, it doesn’t affect the tissues around the piles, reducing the amount of blood loss significantly.
Less Pain: The term surgery brings everyone a picture of pain and complication. However, laser surgery is a seamless procedure and is also the least painful procedure. So if the pain is your concern, there is nothing to be worried about.
Zero Complications: In a conventional surgery procedure, there are slight chances of other medical complications arising. When you opt for laser surgery, you surely don’t have to worry about any complications showing up because of the high precision that comes with technological advancements. This procedure is considered much safer.
Quick Process: This is one of the prime benefits of laser surgery. The procedure is easier to perform. Who would have thought that surgery could finish in about 45 minutes! In most cases, general anaesthesia is not required as well.
Faster Recovery: Back in the day, you would have to take a few weeks off to rest and recover post-surgery. With laser surgery, it would take 3-4 days or even sooner to recover. You can get back to work and your routine in no time.
No Hospitalisation Required: Staying in the hospital post-surgery was one of the common things. With laser surgery, you can walk out of the hospital after an hour. Very rarely, your surgeon will ask you to be hospitalised to observe your condition. Even then, it wouldn’t last more than a day.

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