Time to junk the junk food


You can avoid eating or depending on fast foods if you plan your meals in advance. This planning has various other benefits as well.

  • ● Keeps a check on calorie intake
  • ● Cuts down on simple sugars. One should avoid sweets and chocolates on an empty stomach as it sharply affects the body’s biochemistry
  • ● Do avoid tea and coffee as these dehydrate the body. Replace these with green tea and detox water
  • ● Exercise daily
  • ● Snack on nuts, dry fruits, seasonal fresh fruits and veggies
  • ● ave small frequent meals

However in today’s times it is not possible to completely avoid junk food. However, when eating out one can opt for comparatively healthier options.


Look for healthier options for your meals

  • ● Have green or quinoa salads (minus cream or mayo dressings), steamed vegetables, fruits or clear soups instead of fries.
  • ● Opt for water, low-fat milk shakes, iced tea or slushies without sugar instead of soft drinks, thick shakes and smoothies.
  • ● Instead of desserts such as pies, cookies or waffles, have a bowl of fruits or fruit yogurt.

Savour your meal

Sit down when you eat. Many people eat this kind of fast food while doing other activities. If you are distracted, you may not pay attention to how much food you are eating. Pay attention to your meals. This way you are less likely to overeat.