SHOCKING! Foreign object stuck in Anal Canal

We, at SMILES, have dealt with many mind-boggling & complex cases and this is among the very few shocking cases of quackery & poor care towards one’s health.

This was a one of a kind surgery performed at SMILES on an undisclosed patient. The patient visited SMILES upon lodging a foreign object in the anal canal which was supposed to relieve some pain in the anal region caused due to piles or fissures. The patient was in horrendous pain caused due to an unbelievably large object and was at the risk of internal bleeding & rupture of the walls.

Upon admission, the patient was immediately treated by a team of experts headed by our chief colorectal surgeon, Dr. Parameshwara C M. Within 20 minutes, the team succeeded in getting the object out and relieved the patient from the pain.

We urge everyone to consult only qualified colo-proctologists and get a second opinion, in case you feel there is an ambiguity with the treatment. And most importantly, do not insert anything into anal canal without surgeon’s advice.

Call our doctors today if you are experiencing any pain or itch & get treated by the best.