Piles – The secret disease of Bangalore

SMILES, being one of the best piles treatment hospitals in Bangalore & Mandya treats many patients suffering from piles, constipation, fissure and fistula every day.

Majority of the cases related to piles we deal at SMILES are in the final stage. It made us think about the dire need of implementing preventive cure & identifying Piles in the first stage itself. And what we could find was, they were neglecting the initial piles symptoms and avoiding getting in touch with specialists.

It has a made regular appearance in our experience at SMILES that people don’t speak about the things which they are going through. When they experience initial symptoms of piles they don’t take it seriously and avoid medication. Later when the piles symptoms reach greater grade it becomes hard for them to bare it.

Those left us wondering one thing

Why people are ashamed to have Piles and they attempt to keep it secret?

When we pondered over these questions and tried to find answers we took a reverse approach in
answering these questions. Let’s start with the last question first.

Is it so uncommon that it is shameful to be treated for piles?

People in our country believe that having affected with piles is rare. While the stats say that, reportedly 75% of population is estimated to have piles also known as Hemorrhoids. According to one of the research study papers from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Science, Bengaluru, Karnataka, more than 40 million people in India are reported to have piles.

That means 3 out of every 10 have piles . But only 1 gets operated among the 10. It is estimated that 40 out of 100 Bangalorians might be suffering from Piles due to the stressful work lifestyle.

So is it Uncommon to have piles? It is quite common and it is OKAY to be treated for piles.

Why people are ashamed to have Piles and they attempt to keep it secret?

Upon the surveys taken post surgery of high grade piles treatment, when people were asked the reason for not taking right medical treatment during the initial stages the answers were quite natural.

Most of them were ashamed to talk about the ailment and went ahead in taking home remedies.These indigenous treatments have the high possibility of infections and relapses often. It is always recommended to stay away from these deadly

With modern day procedures, there are many best piles treatments and procedures available at affordable rates. DG-HAL RAR and Laser Treatment are some of those best piles treatments available at SMILES which has 100% success rate , painless, bloodless and are minimally invasive.

That said, being embarrassed of the disorders or the discomforting ailments would only pose serious medical problems and also can be symptoms of bigger problems. So staying hush-hush about the illness is a not suggested. If you are experiencing piles symptoms and you are still keeping it secret, please do not do that.

Open up and talk to our internationally certified experts at SMILES.