People Should Never Fear Incontinence After Piles Surgery

A surgery for piles can help many people to continue living normal and pain-free lives. However, a reason why many people in India are afraid of having piles surgery is they are afraid of incontinence or losing control over their bowel. Unfortunately, due to a large number of quacks in India who disingenuously promise people help against piles, there have arisen myths that piles surgery leads to people losing control over their bowels.

Such loss of control over one’s bowels is termed incontinence. Incontinence causes people to lose control over their bowel before they can reach a toilet and those who suffer from it often unknowingly pass stool in their underwear.

Piles Surgery does not lead to Incontinence

An inability to control their bowels naturally causes those suffering from incontinence to feel ashamed and embarrassed. However, the myth that piles surgery leads to incontinence is simply a fabrication of truth that has been manufactured by quacks who promise relief from piles. Such quacks who number almost 15 lakhs in India have fabricated this lie to dupe those suffering from piles to seek their services rather than seeking the services of a qualified medical doctor. Quacks benefit from the promotion and spread of such lies as such lies scare people from approaching qualified medical doctors and colorectal surgeons who can actually help them.

Treatments By Quacks Have Led People to Commit Suicide

People who believe quacks tend to go to them for medical treatment yet often instead of providing patients with proper medical treatment; quacks perform a variety of mischief which they claim will cure piles. Such mischief includes placing the hogs of oxen into the anal canal of patients. Rather than soothing patients such mischief actually makes the lives of those suffering from piles worse. It’s not uncommon for many of those who are treated for piles by quacks to end up committing suicide.

Quacks Have no Knowledge of Anatomy

Across India, there are lakhs of quacks who promise to cure piles. Yet they don’t have any knowledge of anatomy or any kind of medical degree. It is for their benefit and for the success of their trade that quacks spread lies that piles surgery causes people to lose control over their bowels. This is not the case because successful piles surgery does not lead to incontinence. In fact, many people who have been treated by quacks actually begin to suffer from incontinence. As mentioned earlier such malpractice by quacks has led many people to take their own lives.

Unfortunately, the propagation of the myth that piles surgery leads to incontinence has become so widespread that many people living in India are afraid of the surgery. The misplaced fear of incontinence prevents such people, many of whom are educated, to not seek treatment from qualified doctors. Many people who have piles, fissures, or fistula don’t seek out proper treatment despite suffering pain because they fear doing so will cause them to lose control over their bowels. Such people have fallen prey to the propaganda created by quacks.

Treatments by Doctors Have Sometimes Led to Incontinence

To be fair there have been instances when patients who were treated by qualified doctors for piles, fissures, and fistula have suffered from incontinence as a result of the surgery, however, such instances are relatively rare and the doctors who performed such surgery lacked knowledge and expertise. A qualified doctor with expertise in surgery and with good knowledge of anatomy can easily perform a surgery that cures piles, fissures, or fistula. Under the care of a qualified doctor and surgeon patients have no reason to fear they will suffer from incontinence after a procedure for piles, fissures, or fistula has been performed on them.

Those suffering from piles or fissures may also benefit from changing their diet and lifestyle. Such people should add more fruits and vegetables to their diet and try to exercise regularly. If there is no alternative to relief from piles, fissures, or fistula except surgery, then the services of a qualified doctor and surgeon should be sought. Those who are treated for piles by a qualified doctor have no reason to fear that they will lose control over their bowels after a surgery. However people should never seek the services of quacks as rather than helping those suffering from piles, they are much more likely to harm patients.

Consult only qualified doctors. Don’t risk your lives by encouraging quacks.