Laser Treatment For Piles, Fissure & Fistula

Piles/HemorrhoidsFissure, Fistula, constipation and other colo-rectal disorders are a common problem seen in many people. Spicy food, long hours of sitting, lack of exercise, low intake of water and fiber, all contribute to these disorders.

Application of LASER for treatment for piles/fissure/fistula and other disorders has revolutionized laser surgery. Laser is a painless procedure with minimal bleeding and patients are extremely comfortable.

Painless, Bloodless, Less time to treat your Disorders

Fortunately, LASER treatment helps in treating all the anorectal disorders in the way of painless, bloodless and consumes less time.

LASER treatment thus ensures a painless and quick recovery for the patient with minimal discomfort. They can discharge on the same day and can walk and do all usual daily activities.

LASER treatment has found application in many different fields of medicine. In every case, it has simplified treatment with better results than usual conventional treatments. So, now on, people don’t have to worry about days of pain after surgery and suffer silently from the fear of surgery itself.

Get operation in the morning, walk home pain-free in the evening.

LASER treatment is a painless procedure with minimal or no bleeding and patients are extremely comfortable after the surgery

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