Is Laser Treatment for Fissure Painful?

At some point or the other, we have all been reluctant to go to the doctor just because we were scared of the pain that comes with the treatment. This is a valid concern. Pain is not something anyone looks forward to, but you also somehow want to end the problem you are facing.

When it comes to colorectal problems like piles and fissure treatment, many people delay medical attention due to fear and embarrassment. This, however, only leads to worsening of the condition. While fissures can be treated at the early stages using medications, diet and lifestyle changes, more complicated conditions will need other medical procedures. Talking to your doctor about the different treatment options available for you might take you one step closer to a pain-free treatment. Laser treatment for fissure is one of those effective treatment options that is painless and bloodless.

An anal fissure is not a life-threatening problem. In fact, it is a widespread problem among people of all age groups. However, the pain and irritation caused by fissures make it extremely uncomfortable for the patients. Anal fissures are caused mainly due to constipation, strain while bowel movement, diarrhoea, and sometimes due to medical conditions like cancer, infection, inflammatory bowel moment etc. The symptoms include severe pain during bowel movements, bleeding, itching around the anal area for hours, tear in the skin around the anus, skin development around the tear of the anus.

Your doctors may recommend laser treatment when the fissures are chronic, and the symptoms continue to worsen over time. Laser treatment for fissure is a daycare procedure with minimal or no postoperative trouble, and hence, all your fear of pain can be left at home! This painless procedure is highly effective. At SMILES, our expert surgeons conduct the laser procedure using the most advanced technologies for effective and superior results. What’s more? This best treatment for fissure at SMILES also includes same-day discharge, advanced technology for precision, personalised care, and easy admission and discharge procedure.

Advanced laser treatment for anal fissure involves no cuts, no pain, short downtime and leaves you with no reason to be scared. SMILES is the best hospital in Bangalore for the treatment of both mild and complicated fissures. Our high-quality care powered with state-of-art technology ensures zero side effects or post-operative discomfort. Book an appointment with SMILES and end your pain today.