How yogurt or curd reduces bloating or gas?

Suffering from a bloating?

It’s not easy to deal with. Yes, the bloated stomach is not a great feeling. We all have experienced a bloated belly and the urge to pass stools after a heavy meal. But this bloating can be caused by consuming foods that produce gas in your digestive tract or from water retention. Most of the time, bloating can be caused during digestion which is characterized by the accumulation of gas in the intestine.

Reducing the feeling of the bloated belly can be a bit tricky. However, despite the fact that eating certain foods leads to bloating, consuming other foods can actually ease bloating – says Dr. Prasad, thebest gastroenterologist at SMILES.

Wondering how to reduce bloating or foods that reduce bloating?

Then, Yogurt is your answer that comes first. The experts of gastroenterology suggest that consuming yogurt or curd that contain live and active cultures helps decrease bloating.

Know how yogurt helps to fight your bloated stomach.

How yogurt or curd reduces bloating or gas?

The gastroenterology specialists at SMILES outlined the reasons why consuming yogurt is good to reduce belly bloat.

  • ● Yogurt contains potassium, which rids the body of sodium, and beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that reduce stomach gas and bloating.
  • ● Curd or yogurt carries good bacteria which helps intestines to process food better and in turn beats bloating.
  • ● Yogurts are also high in protein, calcium, vitamins, and live bacteria. That is why putting curd or yogurt at the end of the meal enhances the gut microbiota.
  • ● Consuming yogurt that contains live cultures on a regular basis increases your levels of lactobacillus and bifidobacterium (known as good bacteria) in your digestive tract.
  • ● Because the good bacteria contained in yogurt keeps your digestive process efficient, it helps eliminate bloating.
  • ● People who have lactose intolerance can eat lactose-containing products including cheese and yogurt in small quantities to get rid of a bloated stomach

This is how yogurt can beat bloating and flatten your stomach. Just make sure that curd or yogurt you eat is plain and doesn’t contain any kind of sweetener.

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