How to stay healthy during exams

With examinations approaching, this exams season can make you feel a lot of pressure. Though sometimes it is good to keep you focused on your studies, it has a downside too. It increases stress.

You experience stress because you often need to memorize a large amount of information and the tension about competition.

What are the symptoms of Exam stress?

Exam stress can show itself in various ways depending on the individual and the sort of exams they are preparing for. The most common exam stress symptoms include:

  • ● A feeling of anxiety or worry
  • ● An inability to focus or think deeply
  • ● Trouble sleeping or struggling to get out of bed
  • ● Feeling extra low and confused
  • ● Extreme or prolonged tiredness
  • ● Feeling overwhelmed
  • ● Increased heart rate or a feeling of panic.

Why do students experience exam stress?

Students preparing for exams often feel pressure and stress. The pressure may result in anxiety or nervousness and can interfere with the student’s to perform poorly in exams.

Some of the reasons for exam stress include:

  • ● External pressure from family members to do well in exams
  • ● Find it difficult to understand the topics they are studying
  • ● Feel they want to compete with other students
  • ● Don’t have much time to prepare for exams.
  • ● Sitting for long hours to study
  • ● Don’t know how to study for exams or how to pass exam

However, there is a range of healthy tips that you can do to help deal with the exam stress that you might be feeling.

Tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle during exams

Making effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle keeps your stress level to a minimum and achieve your best results on exam day.

1. Eat a well-balanced diet.

To manage well in your exams, you will need to eat a nutritional diet.

This does not mean to eat more,  but a well-balanced diet which reasonably makes you fit and healthy. Don’t skip meals and survive on chips and chocolates as they are unhealthy that disturbs your health. You will find much easier to focus on the exams if you eat nutritional meals and healthier snacks. It is always crucial to ensure you take a decent meal before the exam.

2. Get enough sleep

It is important that you get enough rest

Sacrificing sleep for late night is not at all a good habit to keep, even if you want to be more prepared for the exams. Sleepless or late night’s sleep cause stress and anxiety inside the brain. It makes you tired, irritated and distracted by the time of your exam. Ensure to get a full night’s sleep before the exam day.

3. Exercise

It can be tempting to conclude that you don’t find enough time to exercise during exam season.

Exercise has proven advantages for brain activity and wellness. It gets faster blood circulation around the body, including the brain. Therefore, it is important and helpful to continue exercise during exams. Exams are the time to work hard and requires more energy for both body and brain. Try doing some exercises each day which helps for your brain wellbeing and blood flow.

4. Manage stress

One of the most difficult issues around exams time is to stay quiet and learn to manage your stress.

A little stress is always fine, particularly if it helps you focus on your work. Too much stress can make it harder to study. Each student has a unique way of dealing with stress, just need to determine what works for them. During exams, it is particularly hard to remember this, and manage stress.

Here are some useful tips to manage stress during exams:

  • ● Spending time with friends
  • ● Starting revision early and being prepared
  • ● Ensure you make time doing other things
  • ● Some mindfulness practices like yoga and medication help to reduce stress during exams
  • ● Stop comparing yourself with your friends

5. Allow regular breaks

It is a mistake if you cancel your social life during the exams period.

Studying for exams can be tiring and so it is important to hold and refresh every often, even if you have a short time. Taking a ten minutes break and go for a short walk can help you clear your head and regain your concentration. Those who prefer the company may find a way to spend with one or two friends and get refreshed.
Keeping well is important during study time and exam time. If you do things wrong and getting stressed, you will make a whole exam period struggle. Follow the above tips and get them right, however, your revision, study, and exams all will be so easier. Good luck!