How to prevent fistula?

Anal Fistula or Fistula in Ano is an abnormal tunnel under the skin which connects the anal canal in the colon to the skin of the buttocks. Most anal fistulas from in reaction to an anal gland that has developed an abscess

Fistula causes and symptoms vary for every person. The most common fistula treatment method is surgery, though certain lifestyle changes help to prevent fistula.

6 Things to Prevent Fistula

Once you have a fistula in ano you will definitely need to avoid getting another one. Hence follow below tips to prevent fistula recurrence.

1. Eat a balanced diet

Taking care of your diet will keep the stomach and digestive system healthy. Simply avoiding fatty food, junk food, and spicy food will give you a healthier digestive system that is less prone to problems. Opt for an excess amount of whole grains, leafy green vegetables, and fruits.

  • ● Adding cereal food and fibers to your diet will aid in softening your stools and make the bowel movements easier.
  • ● Notice what types of food you are allergic to or that upset your stomach.
  • ● Fatty waste blocks the fistula tunnel and thus can induce the formation of a perianal abscess which is the major cause of pain for people with fistula in ano.

2. Drink More Water

Always it is recommended to drink more water preferably one and a half liters a day. Stop drinking alcohol instead, consume large amounts of water and fruit juice. This will help prevent the occurrence of constipation, which puts pressure on your fistula.

  • ● Excess water will make waste softer and clean the intestines, this is why if you drink excessive amounts of water you will need to enter the toilet more often.
  • ● Water also prevents the intestines from getting blocked especially with digestive diseases. For fistula patients, water will make pus more watery and thus decreases the possibility of abscess formation

3. Use Pillows

Sitting long hours at work is one of the fistula causes. So, avoid putting extra pressure on your back, butt, and legs especially if you have an anal fistula. This could be done by sitting on a donut pillow instead of a regular chair.

  • ● Always remember that your comfort is imperative. Try to avoid situations where you can foresee being uncomfortable.

4. Maintain good personal hygiene

Make sure to wash after going to the toilet or each bowel movement. Any bacteria remaining on the skin causes infection.

  • ● If you are outside and can’t do this, always keep wipes with you to be used.
  • ● Change towel each time you bath to prevent the spread of germs and growth of bacteria which can reduce perianal irritation.

5. Strengthen your immune system

Maintaining a balanced diet and eating food rich in omega 3s, and vitamin C like fish, olive oil and citrus fruits will help strengthen the immune system and decrease the levels of inflammation which may suffer due to a fistula.

  • ● Exercising, drinking more water, sleeping well are also great strides you can make a healthier you.

6. Practice Healthy Bowel habits

These habits help in lessen constipation and strain on the anal canal. Check these habits regularly to prevent fistula.

  • ● Give enough time to pass bowel movements comfortably. But do not sit on the toilet for too long.
  • ● Gently clean after each bowel movement and keep the anal area dry.

If your symptoms are consistent , consult our colorectal surgeon for safe and advanced fistula treatment.