How quacks use wrong methods/medicines to treat you

Quackery is a way of promoting medical cure which is scientifically unproven. Typically, quacks have no knowledge of modern medicine, training or qualification to treat patients.

The main reason of people visiting quacks is because of their attracted publicity gimmicks claiming a cheaper cure. However, many patients visiting SMILES often complain about their consistent symptoms even after consulting quacks.

Our chief of colorectal surgery encountered many cases who had suffered a lot and even dead with quackery. And so, he found SMILES to eradicate quackery and save the lives.

Let’s discuss how quacks use wrong methods to treat colorectal diseases.

Here are the resultant complications arising out of the methods adapted by the quacks.

1. Wrong Injection at Wrong place

Injection sclerotherapy is generally considered to be safe. However, this technique needs knowledge of the anatomy of the region and the skill to inject, depth and direction of the affected anatomy. But the quacks know only a little about these anatomical facts. Misapplication of this injection results in bleeding, ulceration and various septic complications like renal failure.

2. Quacks and the Fistulous Tract

Kshara Sutra” is an established and proven ayurvedic therapy to treat anal fistulas. This therapy is provided for the specialists who are well versed with the anatomy of anal fistula pathology. If Kshara Sutra is done wrongly by quacks and their treatment methods, it can cause severe pain, infection, pelvic cellulitis with progression to shock and death

3. Throttling Hemorrhoids

The way quacks treat Piles/ hemorrhoids is based on simple principle, throttle the mass to obscure the blood supply. Various threads, ligatures and banding materials are used in this method. Often the patient has to pass through severe pain, huge lump at the bottom, bleeding and other severe septic complications.

Quacks use medicines which might give you temporary relief for the moment but not a permanent cure.

Do not damage your health and life by consulting a quack in the hope of low cost, operation less cure. You may end up with incomplete, irrational treatment and lifetime suffering.

Always consult a qualified and professional proctologist for colon and rectum aliments and move on with a healthy colon.