How Piles led me to depression

Dealing with Piles / hemorrhoids can often be quite depressing along with an unpleasant knowledge.

Many people today suffer from hemorrhoids and 55% of them  don’t even know it yet. The main reason being they can’t notice any irregularities in their daily life until the hemorrhoids get aged.

It was an year ago, somewhere in the mid of April that suddenly I started experiencing a pain while passing stool. I thought it may be piles and because I was busy with my software job which includes prolonged sitting,  I didn’t care much about the problem but did few homemade procedures to cure. And, it was not even a week that I started spotting blood after every bowel movement which made really worried.

Day by day my pain became so severe and unbearable which made me fall into stress and depression.I was so sick and tired of everything and due to the pain, I couldn’t sit and work for an hour and couldn’t even travel .With this discomfort in my back passage, I have faced a terrible situation to move on with colleagues. And finally, I was completely depressed with the problem.

However, instead of wasting any more time, I fixed an appointment with my regular physician. After examining and understanding about my experiences, he immediately referred me to the best piles doctor in Bangalore as the signs and symptoms were serious. The anal area became red and swollen and the pain got much severe.

Dr Parameshwara C M, chief surgeon that I was referred to conducted number of medical tests and examinations to the anal area. On getting the reports, I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids grade 3 and prescribed me hemorrhoid treatment, DG HAL RAR and I was asked to start the procedure soon, because it would get much more severe and would lead to heavy bleeding. Till then, I have heard about hemorrhoids but had no clue about what happens, what should be done and so on.

Chief surgeon of piles at SMILES, Dr Parameshwara C M explained me why hemorrhoids are so common and complications I would face if neglected hemorrhoids at that stage. Then, I decided to undergo DG HAL RAR and went to the clinic with a hope of cure and was admitted into the SMILES clinic. After an hour, the doctor started the procedure with spinal anesthesia. During the procedure, my body was numb and completely painless and the surgery took almost 20 minutes.

Within couple of  hours of surgery I got discharged from  the clinic with slight pain which is bearable and much better compared to the earlier. The doctor said the pain is  temporary and it goes very soon. He also provided the instructions for diet after piles surgery and medications to follow for one month. I was very much impressed with the peaceful environment in the clinic and the hospitalization provided by them. Once the medicines were finished, I was totally free from pain and bleeding.

Piles / Hemorrhoids  treatment can range from simple home remedy to an advanced and sophisticated surgical procedures and many people choose the home remedy first. However, your condition might require immediate professional medical care to save you from further discomfort and disruption.

Do not ignore piles. Ensure to consult one of the best piles doctors in Bangalore to get better treatment and lead a depression-free life. SMILES gives you best solution to your problem.