How Much Does Anal Fistula Surgery Treatment Cost In Bangalore?

How Much Does Anal Fistula Surgery Treatment Cost In Bangalore?

An anal fistula is a tunnel that connects an abscess to an opening on the skin around the anus. Usually, the glands inside the anus (that are responsible to make mucus) get clogged and infected, leading to form an abscess. An anal fistula can be painful, and you may experience other symptoms such as bleeding, fever, pus, fatigue and swelling around the anus. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should consult a specialist for the best treatment for fistula. Unlike piles, an anal fistula can be treated with surgery mostly; home remedies and lifestyle changes don’t normally help. So how much does an anal fistula surgery cost? Well, that depends on factors like the type of anal fistula and surgery you opt for. Continue reading to get all the information you need about anal fistula.

Types of Fistulas

Anal/ Perianal Fistula: This is the very common type of fistula that occurs in most individuals. In this type of fistula, the abnormal growth developing around the anus can be of three types.

1. Anorectal Fistula: It occurs between the anal canal and the skin around the anal opening.
2. Rectovaginal/ Anovaginal Fistula: In this type of fistula, a hole forms between the rectum and the vagina.
3. Colovaginal Fistula: In some cases, abnormal growth develops between the colon and vagina.

Intestines Fistula: In this type of fistula, a fistula forms between two parts of an intestine. There are cases in which a fistula forms between the small intestine and the skin or colon and the skin.

Urinary Tract Fistula: When an abnormal opening develops between the urinary bladder and the uterus, it is known as the urinary tract fistula. A fistula can form between the urinary bladder and vagina or urethra and vagina as well.

Types of Surgery

Fistulotomy: This is the most common type of surgery to treat an anal fistula. In this procedure, the surgeon cuts through the length of the fistula, opening it up to heal as a flat scar. However, if the fistula passes through the sphincter muscles there is a risk of incontinence. In this situation, your surgeon will recommend another procedure.

Seton Surgery: In this procedure, a surgical thread — seton — is inserted and left in the fistula for a few weeks to keep it open. This way, the fistula drains and heals without having to cut. However, your doctor will only recommend this procedure, provided the fistula passes through a particular part of the anal sphincter muscle.

Flap Procedure: This procedure involves cutting or scraping out of the fistula, and later covering the hole with a flap of tissue from the rectum. This procedure is recommended only when the fistula passes through the anal sphincter muscle, and conducting a fistulotomy comes with a risk of incontinence.

LIFT Procedure: This is a very effective procedure in which the surgeon makes a cut in the skin above the fistula and removes the anal sphincter muscles. The fistula is then sealed from both ends and is cut open, allowing it to heal as a flat scar.

Laser Surgery: During this procedure, the surgeon uses small laser beams to seal the fistula.

Bioprosthetic Plug: This procedure involves the insertion of a cone-shaped plug made from animal tissue. It is used to block the internal opening of the fistula.

Fibrin Glue: If you are looking for a fistula treatment without surgery in Bangalore, fibrin glue is the best option. This procedure involves a surgeon injecting glue into your fistula while you are under general anaesthesia. The glue helps seal the fistula and allows it to heal.

So when you visit a doctor for the best treatment for fistula, they will recommend treatment depending on the type of fistula and its location. The cost of anal fistula surgery in Bangalore will depend on these factors. Consult Smiles Gastroenterology and find out the fistula laser treatment cost or any other procedure.


What is the best treatment for anal fistula in Bangalore?

The best treatment for anal fistula in Bangalore depends on your diagnosis.

Is fistula treatment without surgery possible or not?

Yes, it is possible. However, there are various factors that your doctor will consider.

What is the success rate of a fistula surgery?

The success rate of anal fistula surgery is approximately around 92-97 per cent. However, it also depends on the severity of your fistula.

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