How fistula affects a woman’s daily life

I had a highly complex fistula for 2 and a half years. Fortunately, I got rid of it completely now.

I am a 37-year old female from Mysore city in the Karnataka state of India. I had suffered for two years long from anal fistula with severe pain and constant pus discharge. The continuous wetting at the anal opening took away all the attention of my daily routine. I used to experience lots of pain and bleeding after every bowel movement. It was really a terrible time I spent with a continuous urge to clean up the anal area.

I was in extreme pain while I sit or stand and even in sleep, and unable to perform any of my household works. Thankfully, I could get rid of my complex fistula through the traditional Ayurveda technique – Kshara Sutra treatment. Let me share my story here…

It was October 2016, I was diagnosed with anal fistula. I tried with several home remedies which gave me only temporary relief out of pain.  I had undergone fistula surgery, fistulectomy by an unskilled surgeon under spinal anesthesia in a private hospital. He charged me heavily but no improvement and the fistula recurred (Recurrence fistula) even before the surgical wound healed.

After four months from the fistulectomy procedure, the surgeon again suggested for another surgery with no guaranty of a permanent cure. I could not dare to go through that procedure for the second time with a fear of damaging sphincter muscle further, which might lead to incontinence. Apart from consulting a number of surgeons, I even visited super-specialty clinics for anorectal disorders.

Also, I had a discussion with many Gastroenterologists, Homeopathy and Ayurveda doctors. They all prescribed me antibiotics and painkillers and said that I will be fine in the next few days, but my fistula didn’t heal. And my pain became even worse to handle. I was too much depressed with the situation as it has spoiled all my personal and official life.

Later I came to know that Ayurveda technique of Kshara Sutra procedure would be done at SMILES Bangalore by a skilled and experienced surgeon to cure anal fistula. I went there and got the procedure done under simple local anesthesia by Dr. Parameshwara CM. He told me that the medicated thread (Kshara sutra is a thread coated with Ayurvedic herbal medicines) has to be replaced with a new one at weekly intervals. My sphincter muscle was damaged a bit because of the fistulectomy did by an unskilled surgeon. So, Dr. Parameshwara CM  performed Kshara Sutra procedure cautiously to prevent further damage to my sphincter and possible incontinence.

In that procedure, the thread was loosely tied and allowed a slow cutting during daily walking while the medicines coated to the thread also aid the process of healing. The herbal medicines also prevent infections in the area. I was sent home on the same day of the Kshar Sutra procedure. Later both ends of the Kshar Sutra was joined together and replaced with a new one a week later.

In my every follow-up, Dr. Parameshwar CM had filled me with confidence and kept telling me that my fistula tract was becoming smaller each week. I too noticed a reduction in pain and bleeding after bowel movements with each thread change. Not much food restrictions were imposed on me. No antibiotics were prescribed but only herbal medicines which are to be applied externally to prevent infections. The chief colorectal surgeon had advised me to be careful with fistula diet and prevent constipation.

A few weeks later, I was confirmed that my fistula has gone and I need not come back to the hospital again. Now, I am free from nasty fistula which to a greater extent taken away happiness in my life. No discharge and no constant worry and no need to visit the toilet at every possible opportunity to clean up my anal area. It is really wonderful.

I can honestly say that I am so thankful for the Kshar sutra procedure and giving me my normal healthy life back. I am very much pleased with the result and hospitalization and a team of SMILES for post-operative care.

From my own experience, the most important factor in fistula treatment is the doctor and hospital. You need to have an experienced colorectal surgeon to perform fistula surgery.

SMILES, Bangalore is the best place to cure fistula or any anorectal disorders. I hope it will go well for you too…