Here’s Why Your Fistula Treatment Needn’t Be Painful


It’s a routine morning and you are already planning your day ahead. Breakfast, getting ready in a jiffy, winning over the traffic and finally reaching work would form just a part of your long day. Meetings, work and calls would constitute for the other. And then, just like that, it would be time for you to head back home for some nice dinner and much-deserved sleep, isn’t it?

But, what happens if your planning itself comes to a screeching halt? Your attempts with clearing your bowels have just taken a 360-degree turn and the stubborn poop, after much pushing, has finally dislodged, well, at least a portion of it. Unable to try more for the pure lack of time and sheer want of energy, when you clean up and look into the pot, you understand what the reason behind all that burning was. The pot stained with drops of blood is enough to tell you that something might be wrong.

Now, you could either dismiss this as the “I-didn’t-drink-enough-water-so-my-stool-was-hard” excuse, or look for further signs that you need help. So, if at all you are looking for signs, what should they be?

  • Regular trouble with pooping
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling around the anus
  • Pus or smelly fluid oozing out of your rectum

If you are experiencing any of this, unfortunately, you might be suffering from a fistula.

Fistula: Just An Infection?

A fistula is much more than just an infection. When the glands present in your anal canal swell due to various reasons, they contain fluid and bacteria. This is called an abscess. Many times this abscess takes care of itself and disappears without causing you trouble, but other times, it might start leaking out by puncturing a hole inside your anal canal, and the tunnel connecting the abscess with the hole is what a fistula is, essentially.

Can It Be Ignored?

To keep it short, fistulas should not be ignored. However, due to embarrassment and fear, many people prefer not to talk about it. In other cases, the lack of awareness often leads people to think that it’s just an infection that’ll go away. As clearly mentioned in the last point, a fistula is the last thing you should ignore as just being a nasty little problem and consult a doctor immediately if you come across any of the above symptoms.

A fistula in itself could be a problem, but it could also hide many other more dangerous conditions such as cancer, tuberculosis and sexually-transmitted diseases. Therefore, you woulodn’t want to brush this one under the carpet.

Why SMILES is your best partner?

Most people develop a number of apprehensions that run deep when it comes to getting a surgery done, especially pertaining to the anal region. With the fear of pain dominating the most, many people try to dismiss it as something a quack or a general practitioner can deal with. With several other concerns such as stool incontinence, longer recovery periods and loss of potency, there are some who think of avoiding surgery altogether.

Here is where SMILES endeavours to bring about a difference.

  1. Our surgeons and support staff are all well-versed and richly experienced in the area of fistulas. Apart from being medically sound, our team is sensitised to a great extent to put your needs above anything else. Therefore, unlike many places, here, you can get comfortable, think and ask any number of questions about fistulas, your treatment and even the costs. Our doctors will devote personalised sessions to you, helping you get a clear picture, thereby assisting you in making the right choices. Not just does this ensure timely care, it also ensures that you get the best treatment possible, reducing the chances of recurrence by a big margin – a whopping 3% against the global figure of 15%.
  2. At SMILES, we understand that medical skill needs due support from technology. To make the process of diagnosis and treatment at par with some of the best in the world, we take great pride in possessing technology that’s ranked the best globally. Our scans are super accurate, allowing the doctor to observe minor things that could be of great clinical relevance. It’s not a matter of surprise that we have excellent clinical results. It also means that your treatment and recovery will take place very quickly, putting you back to your normal life in no time!
  3. Our treatment plans revolve around the fear of pain and thanks to our highly skilled doctors and top-notch facilities, your treatment will be minimally-invasive and just as painless as a surgery can be. We understand that the pain is the last thing that should be on your mind when you are wheeled in for your surgery and we make it our mission to get you as comfortable as possible.

Great health is your right and we at SMILES work very hard to ensure that your emotional turmoil doesn’t prevent you from living life to the fullest. That’s one of the reasons why we have painless treatments for a painful condition like a fistula, administered by some of the best proctologists in the country. So, if you are in pain, don’t suffer in silence. Walk into SMILES clinic and walk our with a big smile.