Hemorrhoids from Constipation -by Dr. Parameshwara C M

Following are the excerpts from Dr. Parameshwara C M interview with Kannada popular newspaper Vijayavani. To read full interview click here.

Hemorrhoids are one of the most common problems that can cause swelling blood vessels in the bottom area i.e. anal canal. 50 percent of people above 50 years of age suffer from hemorrhoids. However, this problem can be lifted and controlled by lifestyle.

– Dr Parameshwara C M

What's the reason?

As the age increases the risk of hemorrhoids is higher. Hemorrhoids appear in severe conditions such as severe constipation, acute diarrhea, continuous weight loss, difficulty in pregnancy or defecation.


  • ● Feeling that your stomach is always full.
  • ● Pain during bowel movements
  • ● Bleeding in stools
  • ● Blood clots or tumors appear around the anus.
  • ● Anal pain, lipoprotein, tumors, red lines,
  • ● Lumps on the underwear.

Top Home Remedies

  • ● Exercise regularly
  • ● Do not sit in the toilet for long
  • ● Soft cleansing the area after defecation
  • ● Use coconut oil to piles. It helps in controlling itching
  • ● Use fresh alovera to the burning area
  • ● Sleeping on the left side reduces stress on the stomach and the pain
  • ● Use loose cotton clothes
  • ● Avoid sitting for a long time. The pressure on the rectum occurs while sitting
  • ● Warm water baths are good. It is best to sit in a warm water tub

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