Getting rid of an itchy bottom

It is extremely difficult not to scratch the bottom when you are in the midst of a wedding where there will be people watching you. So you rush to the washroom  and have a sigh of relief, but ouch! That pain and burning sensation followed by scratching are horrible.

“With today’s lifestyle, patients have a lot of symptoms of an itchy anus”, explains Dr. Parameshwara C M, Colorectal Surgeon and Founder of Smiles Institute of Gastroenterology, Bengaluru. He further explains that the main cause is lack of healthy lifestyle and personal hygiene.


Itchy anus  is medically referred to Pruritus ani, which is one of the common illness today. Although the exact cause of is unknown, it may be due  idiopathic or poor hygiene. This is although the exact cause is unknown, anal itching  is common in people with  fecal incontinence and the residue of the stools which cause the anus to itch. Moreover, this is a vicious cycle, itch, and scratch and so on which leads to  infection, tear of the skin and further worsening the condition. Medical professionals believe that Pruritus Ani is due to threadworm infections or even sexually transmitted bacterial infections.

Also, this ailment is very common in those who do not wipe the anus well post defecation. And the residue leads to itching or patting the region multiple times making it too dry which also causes itching. Hence, it is very important to take care of the anal region.


Proctologist examines the perennial area to know the severity of the situation. Proctoscopy may be required based on the severity.

Educating the causes to the patients is utmost important, whereas some people maintain poor hygienic and some keep the area too much clean.It should be well balanced, says Dr Parameshwara C M who has successfully treated a lot of patients medically for pruritus ani. Examining the patients for any signs of haemorrhoids, fistula or any internal problems is also a must during consultation.

On request for treatment, Dr Parameshwara suggests,” One must wash the anal region well post defecation and ensure to pat dry with a soft tissue gently. Avoid use of soaps or moist wipes. Make sure your pants are not too tight, as that can be one of the causes for itching. Once in a while use a normal talcum powder to keep the area moist free.

It is very important for patients to understand the severity of this ailment. Maintaining hygiene of the anus should not be taken lightly and must be immediately. Don’t ignore  to be hygienic. Report  if there is bloody discharge from stools, pus discharge, haemorrhoidal symptoms, redness and fluid discharge, fecal discharge or thickening of anal skin.