Foods to eat while recovering from Fissures

Anal fissures are tears or cracks at the lining of your anus. Usually, fissures heal itself within 3-4 weeks but if it extends it is considered as chronic.

The food you eat has a great impact on recovery and how quickly your anal fissure heals. Eating the rights foods can prevent the complications and provide well-nourished body to relieve the pain and help heal the anal fissure.

Foods to eat while recovering from Anal Fissures

Once the anal fissure is formed, you will definitely have to avoid getting another one (Recurrence).

Here is a list of foods to recover permanently from Anal fissures and avoid a recurrence.

High Fiber Foods

Eating 20 to 25 grams of fiber each day avoids constipation and smoothen the bowel movements.

  • Whole grains: This would include oatmeal, corn, cereals, bread, Pasta, and other grains
  • ● Oat Bran
  • ● Brown Rice
  • ● Wheat Bran

Fruits & Vegetables

Both fresh fruits and vegetables contain nutrients and fiber, which are essential during the recovery from anal fissure. Green leafy vegetables, Citrus fruits, Prunes, and Prune juices also help in improving digestion and avoid constipation.

Seeds & Nuts

Recovery from anal fissures could be adversely affected if you are not getting enough calories in your diet. Nuts and seeds are great sources of fiber and other nutrients. Sunflower seeds have 3.9 grams and almonds have 3.5 grams of fiber. Add chopped nuts or seeds to salads or cereals.


Drinking enough water (6-8 glasses per day), sufficient fluids such as fruit juices, soups etc can contribute during the recovery of anal fissures.

Unrefined Foods

Unrefined foods are also the best choice for your anal fissure relief. It is always crucial to have a healthy quantity of beans, Peas, lentils to recover quickly from anal fissures.