Everything You Need To Know About Perianal Skin Tags


Perianal skin tags are soft growths or small bumps that develop around the anus. They are noncancerous growths but tend to be sensitive. However, they don’t cause any pain but can be uncomfortable and itchy. They are usually the same as your skin colour or slightly darker and are very small in size. Hence, they can go unnoticed unless you pay close attention. If you are experiencing discomfort around your anus, this blog is for you. Continue reading to know everything about perianal skin tags.

What Are The Causes Of Perianal Skin Tags?

Perianal skin tags occur when the blood vessels near the anus swell up. Once the swelling goes down, extra skin that is left behind is known as perianal skin tags. Perianal skin tags can occur to anyone regardless of age or gender. It can also develop as you age but may also develop after haemorrhoids heal or if you clean the area with too much force. However, experts say that perianal skin tags are linked to several health conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s disease, pregnancy and bowel issues that put you at a higher risk of getting them.

What Are The Symptoms Of Perianal Skin Tags?

Perianal skin tags are usually mistaken for haemorrhoids due to their similar symptoms. That includes the veins around the anus swelling and becoming distended. However, other than feeling uncomfortable and small bumps around the anus, there are no other symptoms you will experience. Unlike haemorrhoids, perianal skin tags are not painful at all. 

Treatment Options For Perianal Skin Tags

Since perianal skin tags mostly occur due to an underlying condition, it is crucial to treat that condition first. Removing the tag without healing will only result in the skin tag forming again. That being said, if they are causing any particular cosmetic problem, you can always speak to your doctor and remove it. The removal procedure is a one-day procedure and can be done under general anaesthetic. The surgeon will cut the perianal skin tags and give you a local anaesthetic. Post-surgery the wounds are usually left open, and you are provided with laxatives and painkillers.

How To Prevent Perianal Skin Tags From Occurring Again?

Once you have got the perianal skin tags removed, it is best to consult with your doctor on ways you can prevent it. You can try a few home remedies and make some lifestyle changes that will help prevent the perianal skin tags from occurring again.

  • Remember to wear breathable, soft and absorbent fabric. 
  • Avoid wearing anything that causes friction. 
  • Avoid sitting long hours in the loo.
  • Ensure to indulge in a fibre rich diet.
  • In case you are constipated, take laxatives to soften your stools. 
  • Clean and sanitise your anus after every bowel movement.

Perianal skin tags are very common and cause no harm at all. However, you can remove the perianal skin tags. SMILES Gastroenterology has skilled doctors on board who have treated perianal skin tags and recommended ways to prevent them from forming again. We have state-of-the-art technology and advanced facilities for perianal skin tags and perianal abscess treatment without surgery. So, if you are looking for perianal skin tags or perianal abscess treatment in Bangalore, contact us and schedule an appointment today!