COVID19: Spreading Smiles By Doing Our Bit

Have you noticed how differently we react to certain health concerns? There are some ailments we seek immediate help for but some others are always pushed to tomorrow. And we all know that tomorrow never comes. Gastroenterological diseases are one of the top such ignored diseases. We tell ourselves many reasons to avoid booking that much-needed appointment. 

Lately, COVID-19 has become the go-to reason for many of us to push our checkups and consultations. Since it is a valid concern, SMILES Hospital has gone the extra mile in making your hospital visits safer by ensuring that all COVID-19 protocols are followed to a T.

At SMILES, we ensure complete safety as your health and well-being is our foremost priority. We provide sanitiser at the entrance so that the patients can self-sanitise themselves right before they enter into the premises of the hospital. Each patient is welcomed by our PPE kit-equipped staff who will do the thermal screening at the entrance. The patients are then provided with gloves to maintain a touch-free environment.  The reception area is sanitised after every patient and all our staff members are equipped with face shields, masks, and gloves.

Every patient is asked to fill a COVID self-declaration form without fail. We make sure only non-COVID patients are allowed inside the hospital premises. Just like the reception area, elevators are also cleaned and monitored frequently. Social distancing zones are created inside the lifts. Our waiting area is quite spacious and is now designed in a way that people can maintain social distancing throughout their waiting process. Each seat is provided with a disposable bedspread which will be immediately removed after the person who was sitting leaves. The sitting area is also cleaned and sanitized frequently. 

For patients undergoing a surgery, a covid antigen test is mandatorily done before the procedure. They will be provided with single standard rooms that are sanitised. The rooms are well-ventilated and the patients will be provided with disposable gowns for the procedures. To avoid overcrowding, we limit the treatments to two operation theatre cases and three procedures a day. 

From our attendant opening and closing doors for you to making use of digital payments, we have covered it all to create a contactless experience for your safety. With all of these procedures followed to a T, you get to visit the best doctors in the industry and seek expert medical guidance from them

Covid 19 shouldn’t stop you from getting the best treatment and that’s why we take serious steps at SMILES to ensure your safety! Here’s how we do our bit.


without any fear. SMILES Hospital is the best hospital in Bangalore for all your gastroenterological problems. Now with our advanced safety measures, treatment for your gastroenterological problems need not be pushed or delayed. Find the best gastroenterologist In Bangalore at SMILES to safely treat all your issues.