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Feeling hesitant to share your colo-rectal problems with the male doctor?

Your female Colo-Proctologist is here if you are looking for one! It is discovered that piles,fissure, fistula and other colo-rectal problems in women are as frequent as they are in men. However, the right treatment at right time from the right surgeon is the key to solve these disorders.

Colorectal diseases comprise a wide range of conditions and ailments, the severity of which can differ from mildly irritating to life-threatening, says Dr. Pavitra, best female Coloproctologist.

In case you are planning to visit a lady colo-proctologist for piles treatment, it is sensible to understand the factors that are responsible to develop piles in women.

Why Piles develop in women?

The most common cause of piles in women is pregnancy. This is due to, while pregnant the volume of blood circulation and certain hormone levels in the body. To be specific, the hormone progesterone which relaxes the walls of blood levels make piles significantly to occur.

During pregnancy, the veins below the womb become swollen and stretched, as the weight of growing baby puts pressure on them and cause piles. Along with this, constipation is also a common occurrence of piles during pregnancy.

The other common causes of women developing piles including low fiber diet and most importantly straining habits during bowel movements.

Do Poor Bowel Habits Really Cause Piles or Hemorrhoids?

Obviously Yes! Poor bowel habits can cause piles. Hemorrhoids develop on the anus itself and passing stools by them can cause severe pain and bleeding. Straining during bowel movements can also lead to developing hemorrhoids and even rectal prolapse. While women are planning to reduce straining, it is good to seek medical help from our female coloproctologist, to give you solutions to prevent chronic constipation.

The first step towards reducing straining is ensuring drinking adequate water. If women are dehydrated, it contributes to hard stools and constipation that results in hemorrhoids explains Dr. Pavitra, best lady colo-proctologist in Bangalore.

The relation between Pregnancy, Weight Gain & Piles

There is a clear connection between pregnancy, weight gain & piles. Both, weight gain during and after pregnancy can cause piles. Childbirth can further strain by the labor contractions, leading to the development of piles after surgery. Therefore, it would be better to avoid gaining weight to keep away from developing piles.

Prevention is better than cure! no woman willingly want to visit a lady doctor for piles treatment, until and unless it is necessary.

piles in women can also occur among women who are above 50 years of age. Parts of the rectal canal also age as they become older.

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Dr. Pavitra, the senior colorectal physician is highly experienced in treating female patients suffering from Piles, Fissures, Fistulas, and colorectal cancers.

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