Best Doctor For Fistula Surgery In Bangalore?


About Fistulas


A fistula is an abnormal structure formed by the body connecting two organs or body parts that are ideally not supposed to be connected. Fistulas can be formed between two different organs, two different blood vessels, or between an organ and a blood vessel. Fistulas are usually the result of post-operative complications or physical injuries.


Depending on the area they are formed in, fistulas can be anorectal, gastrointestinal, or obstetric. However, the most common fistulas are anal fistulas in both men and women. Women are also affected by rectovaginal fistulas at a high rate.


Anal fistulas are much more commonly caused by the clogging of glands present in and around the anus, called anal glands. These infections may result in abscesses. Other less frequent causes can be:


·       Exposure to radiation

·       Trauma or injury

·       Diverticulitis

·       Crohn’s disease

·       Tuberculosis

Why is it Important to Treat a Fistula?


Fistulas can be extremely painful. Some of the most common symptoms of a fistula are:


  • Abnormal bleeding from the anus

  • Pain and swelling around the anal areas

  • Irritated skin in and around the anus

  • Fever and chills

  • Painful bowel movements or urination

  • Diarrhoea or bowel incontinence

  • Development of pus-filled abscesses around the anus

  • Leakage of bloody or foul-smelling pus

Apart from the painful symptoms, fistulas can cause a tremendous decline in the quality of life of the afflicted patient. Also, as common as fistulas are, they do not heal themselves, making them serious concerns. If left untreated, anal fistulas can result in:


  • Sepsis

  • Persisting chronic infections

  • Bowel incontinence

  • Cellulitis

  • Chronic fistulas, or

  • Cancer



Why is Choosing the Best Fistula Doctor Important?


Fistulas require the intervention of an established and experienced doctor who can correctly diagnose the cause of the fistula to treat it, and in most cases, require surgical intervention. In such times, having an experienced doctor with an excellent diagnostic aptitude and a high surgical success rate is important. It is better if a fistula is diagnosed earlier, as it reduces the risk for complications. The surgical procedures required for early-stage fistulas are simpler than complicated fistulas. Depending upon the severity, an early-stage fistula can also be treated by a mere in-office procedure.


Which is the Best Hospital in Bangalore for Fistula Surgery?


Fistula surgeries, while performed routinely, come with their potential risks. And any surgery, no matter how minor or routine, may be scary to the patient. In such times, having an experienced general surgeon who can walk you through the procedure while addressing all your doubts and concerns can tremendously improve patient outcomes.


Getting your fistula treated at Smiles Hospital, which is India’s leading single-speciality hospital with the best clinical outcomes, can also allow you to have the best of the technologies available to you for treatment – like high-accuracy lasers which are minimally invasive, making the recovery for your fistula surgery much faster, and much less painful.


Not just that, Dr Parameshwara, one of our leading fistula surgeons at Smiles Hospitals, has a recorded recurrence rate of merely 3%, which is the lowest in its domain.


Smiles Gastroenterology hospitals offer some of the best treatments for fistula, and you can reach out to us to know more about them. If you seek to learn more about fistula surgeries, call Dr Parameshwara today!