Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fissure

An Anal Fissure is a cut or tear occurring in the anus that extends upwards into the anal canal. Fissures cause anal pain that worsens bowel movements. The pain following a bowel movement can be hard and severe to pass a stool, resulting in constipation.

The fissure in acute stage can be managed by conservative medical treatments such as sitz bath, applying ointments, bowel regulation etc. In chronic fissure, surgery is the choice but it carries hospital stay and breaks to the normal work.

Many patients with chronic anal fissures have been completely cured by Ayurvedic treatment as well. So, opt for the ayurvedic procedure, a day case procedure where the patient can go home immediately after the procedure.

Kshar Sutra is one of the most effective Fissures ayurvedic procedure. where surgical linen thread is used. This therapy offers a better cure rate than modern surgery an efficient way to eradicate recurring anal fissures.

Unique Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment for Anal Fissure

  • ● Ayurvedic therapy (Kshar sutra) is a simple, safe and painless procedure
  • ● Minimally invasive where no major surgical incision is required.
  • ● Just 20-30 minutes process
  • ● Patients can get back to their regular lifestyle as early as no hospitalization is required
  • ● Safe to the patients with health complications such as cardiac problem, diabetes etc
  • ● No risk of  Incontinence due to damage of sphincter muscles.
  • ● Clinically proven high success rate
  • ● Normal lifestyle after surgery
  • ● No Anal Stenosis problems
  • ● No long-term complications
  • ● Post surgery can be easily managed by patients
  • ● Ayurvedic medicine, Triphala softens the stool and treat constipation which been a trigger for Anal fissures
  • ● Panchakarma ayurvedic procedure cleanses the body of the harmful toxins by using various herbal oil baths and massages