Bathroom Smoke Or Constipation Alert?

Pooping is a very private affair and people’s patterns are unapologetically different. While some just prefer getting done quickly, others take their time to finish their business. In fact, for many, a visit to the washroom is almost ritual-like, with aids to pass time while they pass stool. While some stick to solving crossword puzzles, some do smoke, some utilise this time to catch up on the world with their newspapers, and some people even devote this time to reading books! Talk about multi-tasking!

While much of this is directed at making optimum use of time, many people, if you would have noticed, take their bathroom breaks in the company of their slender, white friend – their cigarettes. Even though the idea might put a huge section of people off, yet, there are people who cannot do without a bathroom smoke.

Habit, Or Need?

Smoking in the bathroom isn’t uncommon. While it serves as one of the best hiding places in the house for those who want to smoke discreetly, it slowly becomes a habit, firming its place as a need very quickly. There’s no way smoking can accentuate coolness quotient while in the bathroom, so if there is someone who cannot go to the bathroom without a smoke, it’s most likely because they have a medical condition.

Smoking and Constipation

People smoke because of several reasons, and if we get into that, it could pan out into a series of several blogs. Some of the top triggers for an urge to smoke would include stress, boredom, depression and sometimes even celebrations. But, have you thought about constipation as being a trigger? It is an important connection, something many brush under the carpet.

It’s a vicious cycle. What starts off as a an innocent smoke gets the body used to nicotine, which for smokers acts as a laxative, thereby making the process of excretion smoother and not to mention, faster. When smokers get used to ‘things moving better’, they continue using smoking as a means to finish up faster. Because of the habit, constipation slowly becomes a reality in the absence of a smoke.

Pooping Without Cigarettes

If you are a smoker and carry your friend with you to the bathroom, it’s important you notice certain things to understand the condition of your health.

  1. Is a bathroom smoke a regular feature in your routine?
  2. Do you find it difficult to poop without a cigarette?
  3. Does smoking make your bathroom visits easier?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to two or more questions, it’s highly likely that you are suffering from constipation. And to prevent this, you should consult the best constipation treatment doctors.

Is It A Big Deal?

  1. Constipation as a condition could trickle into several other health complications, e.g., constipation can lead to many complications such as Piles, Anal Fissure, Fecal impaction and Rectal prolapse.
  2. If only smoking is able to help you poop, then there are very slim chances of you being able to quit.

If these two reasons aren’t enough to make you want to introspect, then let’s talk a little bit more about why constipation as a health condition needs to be addressed.

One, if you do not want your digestive system go for a toss, then it’s essential you take it seriously. Remember, what goes in must find its way out, and with constipation, that because a challenge.

Two, anyone with constipation can vouch for the fact that the quality of their life becomes poorer. There’s no interest in food because of the fear of being constipated the next morning.

Smile Your Way Through

All this leads up to a very important thing. Let’s assume you are a smoker, who needs the cigarette to poop. Without your smoke, you can’t go. That’s a problem. You’ve understood that and you want to change the way things are. But, there’s a certain level of embarrassment in even thinking of approaching a doctor. Then, there’s associated pain too. Does it mean you live with the pain and ill-health? If you continue doing so, don;t you think it’ll degrade the quality of your life and that of others close to you? Don’t you deserve the good health that can be yours?

We, at SMILES, understand what you are going through, which is why we want to tell you that this isn’t something you should hide. We have doctors and experts who will hear you out patiently, while making you as comfortable as you’d like. In the relevant questions and answers lie solutions to your most pressing problems and that’s where we begin. What makes us your best choice is the fact that instead of causing you more unnecessary pain, we treat your issues with care and try to make it painless and minimally-invasive.

You deserve a good quality of life, so don’t let constipation get in the way. More so, do not consider your cigarette as being a treatment. Opt for a best constipation treatment and kill two birds with one stone!