Awareness Rally on World Piles Day

On 20th November, SMILES foundation, SD Jayaram Hospitals & Institutions together hosted World Piles Day campaign for the fist time in the city with an intention to raise awareness about Piles among the crowd.

Founder of SMILES IICP – pioneer in piles treatment, Dr. Parameshwara C M said, “about 36 percent of Indians suffer from piles and hemorrhoids related diseases but they are neglecting the diseases due to shyness”.  He said the neglect of piles and analgesic problems would probably be more likely to be encountered with tuberculosis, cancer and ulcers such as inflammatory bowel diseases. He also stressed the importance of contacting qualified doctors when you experience the symptoms.

Many fear of surgery when it comes to Piles/Hemorrhoids but if detected and treated at early stages, Piles and other anus related problems can be cured without surgery.

While both the genders are equally prone to piles, piles during pregnancy is high due to hormonal changes in the body and the pressure and weight of the baby. But many are resorting to quacks/fake doctors who have no knowledge or experience in successfully treating the disease. There were some life threatening issues also due to the wrong treatment used by the quacks.

On the campaign, doctors urged the public to consult only qualified doctors and to prevent piles.