7 Foods that are good for your gut

Do you know that the bacteria living within your intestines keep you healthy? The experts of gastroenterology at SMILES explains aboutgut health and the benefits of improving it.

The human intestine is colonized by an estimation of 100 trillion bacteria, known as the gut flora. The good bacteria in your gut enhance the immune system, improves the symptoms of depression, helps combat obesity, and provides numerous other benefits. Therefore, it is important to maintain the right balance of gut bacteria that live in your intestines and colon.

It is not only crucial to nurture good gut bugs but also keep the harmful effects in check. Research studies show that what you eat has an enormous effect on your gut. With this view, SMILES provides you a list of foods of what good gut bugs like and what they hate.

7 Foods that are good for your gut

Here is a list of foods that can rebuild and maintain a healthy production of gut bacteria that helps to improve overall health.

1. Yogurt

A fermented food, yogurt is an excellent source of friendly-bacteria called probiotics, that can help strengthen the digestive tract and increases good gut bacte

2. Dark chocolates

Studies have found that chocolates are beneficial for gut health. This is because gut bacteria that form gut flora break down chocolates into compounds that reduce inflammation of cardiovascular tissue.

3. Almonds

Eating almonds on a regular basis help improve digestive health by increasing levels of beneficial gut flora. Besides being high in vitamin E, almonds are believed to increase good bacteria in the gut.

4. Bananas

Slightly green bananas are a rich source of prebiotics and also have both soluble and insoluble fiber. Thus bananas provide a feast for good gut bacteria that helps protect your heart and bones.

5. Garlic

Garlic is naturally high in insulin, a type of nondigestible or functional fiber that feeds the good bacteria in the digestive system. With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, garlic can keep the bad gut bacteria under control.

6. Onions

Onions are also a rich source of prebiotics, which is necessary for gut health. Prebiotics are the nondigestible types of fiber that are broken down by beneficial gut bacteria and thus improves gut health.

7. Peas

Peas contain soluble and insoluble fiber that keeps the digestive system in balance. The huge amount of fiber in peas also helps to keep the gut healthy and prevents unhealthy bacteria in the gut.

Remember, a healthy microbiome is fundamental to your overall well-being. And with the above foods, it’s so easy to get started on your journey for optimal gut health – says Dr. Parameshwara, the best gastroenterologist at SMILES.

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