7 Effective Tips for Long Term Bloating Relief

Is stomach feeling bloated? Many of us have been experienced at some point in our lives. Stomach pain, gas and bloating – these uncomfortable problems in the abdomen are terrible and make it hard to enjoy your days.

Bloated stomach occurs when excess gas gets trapped in the gastrointestinal tract. It also occurs due to fluid retention in the body. Bloating often causes pain and makes your stomach looks tight and larger.

There are different causes of bloating, such as food allergies, indigestion, constipation, and pregnancy, etc. Fortunately, there are simple tips that help you get rid of bloating and prevent it from reoccurring- says the best gastroenterologists at SMILES.

7 Effective Tips for Long Term Bloating Relief

Here are some bloating remedies that help you manage pain and the discomfort of the bloated tummy.

1. Go for a walk

Nowadays most of us have a very sedentary lifestyle which can lead to bloating. So, one of the most common effective ways to reduce stomach bloating quickly is to get moving. Brisk walking or any other physical activities such as swimming, cycling, and jogging, etc for 15-20 minutes each day can help stimulate the passage of gas through your digestive tract.

2. Avoid Gassy foods

According to the Experts of Gastroenterology, the major factor behind the feeling of a bloated stomach is excess intestinal gas. Intestinal gas is produced when you consume certain foods such as beans, legumes, wheat, and other whole grains, etc. So, try a low FODMAP diet which includes protein and healthy fats that do not contribute to abdominal bloating.

3. Eat smaller meals

This should be the easiest tip when you are trying to reduce bloating. We eat too much and then feel bloated tummy, this means we have literally stuffed ourselves. If you are eating heavy meals and tend to feel uncomfortable afterward, then simply eat in smaller portions. Besides you can add another daily meal if required to get rid of a bloated belly.

4. Drink lots of water

You may be thinking, why should I drink more water if already feeling bloated? Well, drinking lots of water helps you keep your digestive system moving, prevent constipation and of course keeps you stay hydrated. Research suggests sipping on water throughout the day helps to flush out all the toxins in the body and prevent gas which causes you to feel bloated.

5. Avoid chewing gum

It is very common to feel bloated belly because of swallowing excess air. Thinks like chewing gum, drinking through a straw, eating fast and talking while eating causes you to swallow extra air which leads to stomach bloating. In some people, the sugar alcohols in gum can cause feeling bloated stomach and pain.

6. Try a few simple Yoga Poses

Fifteen minutes of yoga helps you not only to relieve pain in the abdomen, but it also encourages the release of excess gas trapped in the gastrointestinal tract. This reduces stomach bloating. Some, like child pose, bridge pose, and twist poses that massage your abdomen work greatly to relieve the gas and bloating quickly.

7. Try Probiotics

Probiotics are good and friendly bacteria in the intestines. Several clinical studies have shown that probiotic foods and supplements can help soothe a bloated tummy. You might have heard that yogurt is beneficial for gastrointestinal disorders. But, yogurt may not be the only option of probiotics due to the added sugars. You can get your probiotics and get rid of bloating by eating fermented foods.

Still having chronic bloating or the symptoms of bloating getting worse? Seek medical help immediately to prevent further complications such as Chron’s disease and Bowel obstruction. Consult thebest gastroenterologists in Bangalore at SMILES and get better advice on bloating relief immediately.