6 Natural ways to prevent urinary incontinence

Wondering how to prevent urinary incontinence on your own? You can do it!

Incontinence means leaking of urine when a person does not want to. The condition arises when the control of the urinary sphincter is weakened. Incontinence is common in women than in men.

As per the experts in urinary incontinence, even though if you have incontinence, you can still manage your bladder control in many ways without medicine or surgical treatments. It mainly depends on factors like age, general health, and mental state.

6 Natural ways to prevent urinary incontinence

There are several lifestyle changes you can make on your own to prevent urinary incontinence. Those include:

1. Pelvic floor exercises

These exercises are very effective as they involve flexing of muscles those included in urine flow and avoids leakage. Pelvic floor muscles are recommended during the initial phase of incontinence and prior to surgical restoration in order to sustain the tone of pelvic muscles.

2. Avoid Constipation

Repeated strain during bowel movements may damage the pelvic floor. If you feel that you have to strain a lot while passing stools, try drinking more water and eating foods that keep you more regular.

3. Quit smoking

Smoking is the leading cause of most of the diseases. Smoking can lead to coughing which weakens the muscles that help you control your sensitive bladder. Further, the nicotine present in the tobacco irritates the bladder and causes urinary incontinence.

4. Avoid heavy lifting

Lifting heavy objects puts an added pressure on pelvic muscles, which inturn can lead to damage of the sensitive bladder. Thus, lifting heavy objects should be avoided to prevent incontinence.

5. Have a proper diet

If you have incontinence then, consumption of spicy or junk foods can cause irritation to the bladder, making incontinence worse. Having a magnesium-rich diet, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and whole grains helps to improve the functioning of nerves and muscles, and prevents urinary incontinence.

6. Staying fit and healthy

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important aspect in prevention of incontinence. Overweight builds pressure on the bladder and pelvic muscles. This ultimately affects the urethra and increases the chance of urine leakage.

Dr. Parameshwara C M, urinary incontinence expert at SMILES Bangalore, explains that healthy weight reduces the severity of incontinence and helps to store the active bladder.

Still having a problem?

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