6 Myths About Piles You Need To Stop Believing

There are myths associated with every illness. However, when it comes to piles or haemorrhoids, the myths are more as they have a nature of secrecy and people are often embarrassed to openly discuss or clarify their doubts about the same. 

Piles is a very common condition. It occurs when you have swollen veins in or around your anus or lower rectum. The most common symptoms include constipation, diarrhoea, pregnancy, etc. The unwanted embarrassment circling this condition calls for many myths. Here are our top finds.

Myth 1: Exercises can worsen piles

Exercise is not bad for health. In fact, exercising reduces the risk of piles. However, lifting weights in the wrong way can affect the bottom muscles which, in turn, can increase the risk of haemorrhoids. Talk to your doctor about the best exercises that can help in relieving the symptoms.

Myth 2: Spicy foods and cold surfaces can cause piles

There are no studies that prove that cold surfaces or spicy foods cause piles. Spicy food can adversely affect the metabolism of the body but not cause piles. However, if you already have piles, it is advised to avoid overconsumption of spicy foods to keep your bowel movements comfortable. Similarly, the temperature of the surface you sit on has nothing to do with piles. In fact, a cold compress is often recommended by doctors to relieve symptoms of piles like swelling, discomfort, etc.

Myth 3: Only older people suffer from piles

People of any age can develop piles. However, the risk of piles tends to increase with age. People above 45 are more prone to piles as when people grow older the muscles between the rectum and anus become weak increasing the risk.

Myth 4: Piles increase the risk factor of cancer 

Piles do not cause or increase the risk of cancer. The only problem associated with piles and cancer is that since colon cancer also exhibits similar symptoms of piles, there are high chances for you to miss the warning signs of cancer. Always seek medical assistance when your body starts showing these symptoms. 

Myth 5: Surgery is the only treatment.

This is also not true. In most cases, piles resolve on their own and do not require any treatment. However, some treatment options can provide relief from symptoms such as itching, pain, and discomfort. Surgical methods are recommended by doctors only for severe cases. 

Myth 6: I am the only one with piles.

This is the biggest misconception of all. No. You are not alone! Due to the sedentary lifestyle and dietary changes, piles are becoming more and more common among people these days. According to studies, at least 75% of people get affected with piles at least once in a lifetime.

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