5 Signs Your Piles Needs A Doctor Consultation

Piles is a condition that is almost always kept a secret. Since there is a level of embarrassment and secrecy attached to this condition it is also common for people to delay getting medical help.

At the early stages, piles can be treated with certain lifestyle changes, dietary restrictions, over-the-counter medications, etc. However, when it crosses a certain stage, it is mandatory to consult an expert doctor, else, you risk aggravating the condition. Here are 5 signs to look out for, that mandates a doctor’s appointment.

  1. Rectal bleeding: Rectal bleeding is one of the first signs of piles. Though it is seen in the early stages too, if ignored, it could lead to serious problems. Rectal bleeding could also be a sign of other underlying conditions. At any point, if you notice bleeding from the rectum, it is important that you consult a doctor immediately and have yourself thoroughly checked.
  2. Long-lasting irritation: Irritation and discomfort are common with piles. If you are a person who wants to keep the condition a secret, chances are, you will silently suffer the irritation and make do with temporary remedies. However, when the irritation and discomfort become long-lasting, you need to consult a gastroenterologist or a colorectal surgeon. If you avoid consulting a medical professional, the irritation will start affecting your physical and mental health, and you will also have to start avoiding social events.
  3. Bulge from the anus: Piles occurs in stages. There are four grades of piles. Grade III & IV appear outside the anus. These prolapsed haemorrhoids require a doctor to push them back inside. Ideally, you are supposed to see the doctor before it reaches this stage in order to avoid this.  
  4. If it doesn’t reduce with other remedies: At the early stages of piles, you may be advised to take a few medications, or make some changes to your lifestyle and diet. However, if these don’t reduce your discomfort, it is a sign that your piles need proper treatment. 
  5. If you feel dizzy when passing bowel: Bowel movements are supposed to go smoothly. However, when you have piles, you will notice pain and discomfort when passing bowels. When this pain becomes so unbearable that you feel dizzy when passing bowel, you need to see a doctor and get it treated using one of the many piles treatments available.

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