5 Reasons to Visit a GI (Gastroenterologist) Specialist

An issue with our digestive system is a concern for the entire body. This is why keeping a check on our gastrointestinal health is one of the top priorities. There have days when you eat something bad and experience stomach ache or diarrhea for a day or so. This usually goes away soon with the help of a simple diet change or a trip to your regular physician. However, there are certain cases that require the attention of a gastroenterologist, lack of which could worsen the situation.

Here are 5 reasons for you to visit a gastroenterologist instead of a regular physician for your abdominal problems

  • Abnormal Bowel Movements

Anywhere between three times a day to three times a week is considered as a normal bowel movement. Less than three times a week is considered as constipation and more than three times a day is considered as diarrhoea. Either way, this can indicate many problems like a GI tract blockage or obstruction, lactose or gluten intolerance, IBS or Crohn’s disease, or a bad reaction to food or medication. Hence, any kind of prolonged abnormal bowel movements should be treated from a gastroenterologist.

  • Prolonged or frequent abdominal pain 

From a simple food allergy to appendicitis, the reasons for abdominal pain are many. It is important to find the root cause of this pain so as to avoid the future occurrence of it. Visit a gastroenterologist to do some tests and relieve yourself of the pain. 

  • Consistent Heartburn

Heartburn, or acid reflux, experienced two or more times a week should be taken seriously. This problem should be looked into by a GI specialist as it can be an indication that you have Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) which has to be cured with the right gastroesophageal reflux treatment. In very rare cases, frequent heartburn could also be a sign of esophageal cancer. 

  • Rectal bleeding, a.k.a, blood in stool

Blood in the stool usually indicates an anal fissure, haemorrhoids, IBS, Crohn’s disease, polyps in the colon or ulcerative colitis. It can also be a sign of rectal cancer in some cases. Blood in the stool should never be taken lightly. It is an alarm to get an appointment with a gastroenterologist immediately.

  • Colon cancer screening

Even with no symptoms and no family history of cancer, everyone should screen for colon cancer after the age of 50. This is because the symptoms of colon cancer often show up late. Early detection of cancer gives a high chance of full recovery. The screening can be done for colorectal cancer, intestinal cancer, and more. People who are physically healthy can begin the screening for colon cancer at age 50, whereas those who are pregnant, overweight or live an unhealthy lifestyle should start before the age of 50. For people with symptoms or family history, it is mandatory to frequently get yourself checked to be on the safe side.

Early detection and diagnosis mean a higher chance of full recovery. When it comes to cancer, early detection is often what saves lives. This can be made possible only if you take the initiative and get yourself checked frequently.

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