5 everyday habits that you think are good but aren’t

Let’s admit it! We all have bad habits! But the real problem is with some of those habits that you don’t even realise are bad for you. These habits might have already become a part of your routine that you don’t even feel weird or bad anymore. These habits might be deteriorating your health even when you are not realising it because you might not experience the harmful effects of such habits right away. It might take years for you to understand the importance of that 7 hours of sleep your parents have been always talking about. 

So, here’s to avoid later surprises(bad ones, obviously) in life! Check out 5 everyday habits you need to cut down immediately for a better and healthier tomorrow.

  • Skipping meals

One of the go-to tactics to reduce weight is skipping meals. Many of us skip meals because we struggle with an overweight body, to fit into the so-called “ideal body type”, or even because we don’t find the time in our daily busy schedule to have three full meals a day. However, this seemingly harmless habit can have an incredibly bad effect on your health. You will notice a decrease in energy to get through the day. There is also a high chance of gaining more weight because you tend to crave more food when you skip meals. Do yourself a favour and attain your body goals through healthy habits. 

  • Holding in Farts

This one might sound a little funny, but holding in farts is actually not good for your health. Holding in farts for longer periods can cause severe bloating and stomach discomfort. So, don’t forget to let yourself out in private. 

  • Not drinking enough water and not getting enough sleep

The importance of staying hydrated and getting 6-8 hours of sleep has been taught to us ever since we were a child. However, we seldom follow them. Dehydration can cause headaches, migraines, fatigue, brain fog, chronic fatigue, weight gain, metabolic syndrome and even certain types of cancers. Staying hydrated is important for your digestive health too. Similarly, sleeping for less than 6 hours will weaken your immunity and other bodily functions.

  • Eating too much processed/red meat

Did you know that eating too much processed/red meat increases your risk of colon cancer? Yes, they do! Consumption of large quantities of red meat is also linked with breast cancer, stomach cancer, lymphoma, bladder cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer! It is best advised to limit the intake of red/processed meat for health reasons. 

  • Sitting for too long

They say sitting is the new smoking and they aren’t wrong. Sitting for too long can cause gluteal amnesia, i.e., tightness in your glutes. For the same reason, irrespective of where you are working from, make sure you move around for at least 30 minutes a day and don’t forget to stretch your legs once in a while when sitting continuously for work or other activities.

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